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The Best of Direct Mail: Omnichannel Marketing
Direct Mail
July 10, 2024

The Best of Direct Mail: Omnichannel Marketing

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Each month we feature direct mail pieces that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well. 

The most effective marketing targets customers where they already are — whether that’s a phone, browser, inbox, or mailbox. 

That’s why we’re highlighting brands that combine direct mail with email marketing, SMS marketing, out-of-home advertising, and social media. These companies show how well direct mail works alongside digital marketing channels to drive more conversions.

Let’s see what’s working about these integrated marketing campaigns.

Chase Bank Sapphire Reserve

Chase Bank online and the Chase Bank app offer customers a central hub where they can view statements, monitor activity, pay bills, or use rewards. So, it makes sense that this tri-fold mailpiece from Chase makes it easy for customers to take action online. Here’s what works about this omnichannel campaign.

  • Personalized direct mail: This piece provides compelling and customized information about the rewards a customer earned with their Sapphire Reserve credit card. 
  • QR code to drive online action: Chase then takes the next step of letting the customer know how and where they can use the rewards with a QR code that sends customers to a benefits landing page.
  • Info-packed landing page: The landing page provides more details about the types of benefits mentioned in the mailer, giving customers numerous options and ways to convert.


At Lob, we try to practice what we preach by sending direct mail that integrates with and boosts our digital presence. This omnichannel campaign included direct mail postcards, a landing page, emails, digital ads, and organic social featuring vibrant imagery and snappy copy. Here’s what works about this omnichannel campaign.

  • Consistent branding: Customers often need multiple touchpoints before converting. By keeping design and copy consistent across multiple channels, this campaign reinforced the message that direct mail has entered a new generation.
  • Offline-to-online ease: The postcard for this campaign featured a clear CTA to “Get started” by booking a demo. Then, it made it easy to take that action online with a QR code that led to a landing page that reinforced the messaging and branding on the physical mailpiece.
  • Standout social and mail: The visually impactful campaign stood out in mailboxes and on LinkedIn where feeds are usually full of more typical B2B designs.


Cosmetics powerhouse Sephora is known for its Beauty Insider loyalty program. So it’s no surprise that the Beauty Insider omnichannel birthday campaign is one of the best in the biz. Here’s what works about this omnichannel campaign.

  • Personalized to perfection: Sephora sends this triggered campaign through email and direct mail just in time for each Beauty Insider's birthday month. This campaign also includes personal touches like the customer’s name and the number of points available in each account.
  • A compelling offer: Who doesn’t love a free gift? Sephora offers Beauty Insiders the option of gift sets or more reward points. Even better, the offer can be redeemed online or in stores.
  • Added urgency: The countdown clock in the email makes in clear: there’s no time to waste! Because the offer is only available during each customer’s birthday month, they need to act fast.

How to add direct mail to your digital strategy

Creating seamless offline and online experiences can give you a serious competitive advantage. That’s why Lob offers a variety of integrations to help you automate your direct mail strategy — and make it work with your digital outreach. Learn about our turnkey and API options for sending triggered direct mail.

Want to continue learning about best practices in omnichannel marketing? Download your copy of the eBook: The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Marketing.

New to direct mail marketing?

Not quite sure where to start with direct mail in your marketing strategy? See how marketers across the country are using the channel and the success they’re having with it by downloading your copy of the 2024 State of Direct Mail report.

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