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Repurposing Sales Content into Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct Mail
June 1, 2023

Repurposing Sales Content into Direct Mail Campaigns

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We love talking about direct mail as a marketing channel because we know it works. But, with many marketing teams, there comes the time when a lead or prospect is in the transitionary phase between marketing and sales.

So, how can these teams work together to turn a lead into a customer?

By partnering together and sending out sales content via direct mail!

In this blog, we’re covering a few traditional pieces of sales content and how they can be repurposed to fit the direct mail marketing channel.

Industry information

If your lead is still in the early stages of the sales cycle, use this opportunity to send them industry-specific content, research, or statistics that support their purchase.

This is a great opportunity to use a big 6x9 postcard that catches their attention and then has a pURL or QR code directing them back to your website to learn more, download an eBook, or watch a video or webinar recording on a similar topic.

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Discovery call recap

Have you spoken to the prospect on the phone via a discovery call? Put together key points you want to reiterate about your organization, product, or service, and send it to the prospect in the form of a letter. This is a great way to give them a physical reference to the conversation they had with you and you can outline next steps of the sales process and how they can move forward.

Product one-sheeters/catalogs

If you travel to events, conferences, and trade shows, you know all about packing up the product one-sheeters or catalogs to distribute to booth visitors. Why not send those out via direct mail too? Catalogs continue to be a popular format, in fact, our 2022 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report showed that catalogs and magazines are the most popular format.

Testimonials/case studies

Customer success stories let your current customers do the selling for you, so if a prospect is stalling in the later stages of the buying process, let them know how another customer just like them has found success with your brand.

There are many formats this mailer could take, such as a letter to match the look and feel of a case study PDF on your website, a self-mailer, or even another postcard that teases the case study but then the lead has to visit the website to find out how the story ends.

Another option for this stage would be to send out a piece of direct mail that highlights awards or recognition your brand has that is relevant and persuasive to your lead.

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Make it easier than ever for your lead to see your product or service in action, right in their hands! Send a postcard or self-mailer that has URLs or QR codes that take them to explainer videos or demonstration videos.

You could then make this a two-parter direct mail campaign by following it up with another piece of mail that offers a custom demo just for them if they book a meeting with a sales rep.

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Have FAQs on your site or share a few in an email in your Bottom of Funnel nurture streams? Copy those over onto a postcard or letter and send them right to your prospect’s mailbox. Include a link or QR code that allows them to book a meeting with a sales representative to discuss their specific questions or needs.

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Meet your sales rep

Follow up your FAQs mailer with a letter or self-mailer that introduces the prospect to their sales representative. The message could be something like, “Hope we answered your questions, but should you have any more please find my contact information here.”

The mailer could be personalized with data you have about the prospect, such as the sales rep having 10 years of experience in the lead’s specific field or the rep being a customer themselves of the lead’s business.

Welcome mailer

When the lead converts and becomes a customer, send them a welcome kit that thanks them for their business and provides resources they may need to get started, such as a checklist, support documentation, or customer support’s contact information.

How to target leads with direct mail

Want to learn more about lead lists and how to get your leads’ address information to put these ideas into action? Watch the recording of our webinar: Intelligent Targeting for Direct Mail Campaigns.

Targeting for Direct Mail

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