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Direct Mail Education at DigiMarCon Los Angeles 2022
July 25, 2022

Direct Mail Education at DigiMarCon Los Angeles 2022

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Stephanie Donelson

Recently, Nicole Dunn, Lob’s VP of Customer Success, spoke at DigiMarCon in Los Angeles about integrating direct mail into your digital marketing strategy. Since the presentation was packed with fantastic information on direct mail best practices, we wanted to share a recap of some of the key takeaways from Nicole’s session, so you don’t miss out on getting the tips you need to create high-performing campaigns.

Nicole kicked off her DigiMarCon Los Angeles session by discussing the modern marketing landscape, where our customers and prospects move between digital and real life constantly. Today’s consumers expect a consistent, seamless experience with brands whether interacting with a screen or something physical in their hands.

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Direct mail is an ideal solution for those looking to open more opportunities to market their brand in the real world. Thanks to automation, you can fully integrate this proven, powerful channel into your omnichannel marketing strategy.

3 key takeaways from the Integrating Direct Mail into Your Digital Marketing Strategy session at DigiMarCon Los Angeles

Let’s dive in and share the top three things DigiMarCon attendees learned during this session.

Key takeaway #1: Direct mail response rates are higher

Tangible is memorable and data proves that response rates are higher via direct mail marketing.

  • According to Data-Axle, a market research firm, 58% of consumers open and read promotional mailers.
  • The average response rate for house lists is 9% and 5% for prospect lists.
  • Home is where decisions are made

Key takeaway #2: Direct mail is more effective when you decipher your data

We all know that feeling. That drop in your stomach when you check the results of an email send and see a lower than expected open or click-through rate. It happens to even the savviest of marketers. What’s important after seeing that data is what you do with it.

Nicole referenced a case study by ThirdLove showing how they harnessed direct mail to re-engage email unsubscribers. See for yourself:

Key takeaway #3: Test and optimize your direct mail campaigns

Direct mail isn’t just a one-and-done. Just like we spend time building A/B tests for landing pages, emails, or social media ads, you can - and should! - test direct mail to find the right piece that resonates with your recipients. So, what should you test?

  • Format: Size or type, like postcard or self-mailer
  • Content: Short-form vs. long-form
  • Personalization: Personalized images vs. stock images
  • CTA: A percentage off or dollar amount


As marketers, we know we have to diversify our marketing mix and use a variety of channels to meet our customers where they are. By combining the power of offline and online channels, you can get better results than trying to put all your eggs in one basket.

In the past, it may have been easy to dismiss direct mail because it was cumbersome, took a long time to execute, and was hard to track. Today, with modern solutions and automation platforms, like Lob, it’s as easy to send direct mail as it is an email. You choose when the direct mailpiece arrives in the recipient’s mailbox, you have freedom over your creative and A/B testing, and you have the ability to better track mail and measure conversions and ROI.

In this recap, we highlighted how marketers are using direct mail but that’s just one side of the story. Find out how consumers feel about direct mail marketing by attending our webinar: The State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights.

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