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The old way.

  • Static, junk, non-personalized mail
  • No analytics or attribution
  • Single printer, subject to paper and
    staffing challenges

The Lob way.

  • Hyper personalized mail
  • Measurable
  • Prioritized, expansive print delivery
    network across the US

“Using Lob, we automated all of it—from making sure members were providing deliverable addresses to programmatically sending postcards on-demand instead of through an entirely manual process.”

Denise Remhof
Product Manager, Couchsurfing

Direct mail automation is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Create a personalized campaign in minutes

Create and personalize mailpieces in minutes. Schedule ahead, send last minute, or trigger based on customer behavior

See how the product works ->

Step 2: Press send

With a click of a button, your personalized mailpieces show up in your customers' mailboxes on the day you choose

Read about how our customers send direct mail at scale ->

Step 3: Optimize with end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution

Continuously optimize campaigns and  track conversions with QR codes and unique URLs

Marley Spoon

“Lob automated direct mail has increased our productivity and saved us money. It’s a huge help to get our direct mail campaigns out quickly and easily.”

Malin Dettmann-Levin
Marley Spoon

Lob is the only complete direct mail automation solution for all your needs.

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