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On-Demand Webinar

2022 State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights

Actionable consumer data to drive intelligent direct mail. Presented by Lob and Comperemedia, the world’s leading market intelligence agency.

July 27, 2022

Lob and Comperemedia partnered yet again to bring you insights on the state of direct mail today – but this time from a consumer perspective.

The State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights shares consumer perceptions and attitudes about all types of direct mail they receive. Lob and Comperemedia surveyed 2,100+ consumers across the U.S. to uncover the true impact of direct mail in the digital age, and we welcome you to learn all about it.

Did you know…

  •  72% of respondents read direct mail immediately after or on the same day they bring it inside their residence. 85% of respondents read it immediately, on the same day or at a later time
  • Of consumers that have taken action on a direct mail piece (62%), 64% were inspired to take action because of an offer or promotion
  • 45% say receiving direct mail from a brand feels more important than receiving an email from a brand

Learn all of this and much more when you download the on-demand webinar and report, the 2022 State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights.

Meet Your Hosts

Research Lead:
Hannah Pucci

Director of Consulting, Primary Research, Comperemedia

Kate Seabolt

Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Lob

Kim Courvoisier

Director of Content, Lob

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