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Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications
Direct Mail
January 10, 2023

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications

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Stephanie Donelson

Happy New Year!

We’re so looking forward to adding more amazing direct mail campaigns to our best-of collection this year and inspiring marketers to create their next award-winning campaign.

But for right now, we’re examining some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that come from telecommunications organizations and identifying what elements are really working for those direct mail marketing campaigns, such as copy, design, images, CTAs, and more.

Telecomm communications via direct mail

The telecommunications industry can leverage direct mail for both operational uses, such as billing or notifications about changes to services and for marketing purposes. With varying direct mail communications being sent to customers, it’s imperative to focus on creating a seamless customer experience, no matter if the mail is operational or marketing-based.

Let’s examine three telecommunication brands that are sending effective direct mail campaigns and take a closer look at the elements that are driving results.

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications image 2
A best direct mail campaign from AT&T
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications image 3


This letter from AT&T is part of a customer acquisition marketing campaign. The elements making this mailer work include:

  • Bright colors: The bright blue on this mailer quickly draws the recipients’ attention to important messaging or sections.
  • Iconography: The use of icons on this piece is great to cut down on text and quickly get the message across, such as an affordable price and the devices that can be used to stream content.
  • Design: The two-pillar approach works well for this letter. It allows easy scanning of the page, and the boxes on the page help separate the sections so customers can find the information most relevant to them.
  • Clear pricing: By being upfront about the pricing tiers, customers can move forward with their purchase decision instead of visiting the website to learn that the offer might not be a fit for them. There’s less friction or hesitation for customers to take action.
  • Repetition of important messaging: AT&T took the rule of three and added one for good measure! It’s a rule of thumb to repeat an important message thrice and the brand is making sure customers know that “no annual service contract is required.”

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications image 4
A great direct mail campaign from Mint Mobile
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications image 5

Mint Mobile

This customer acquisition postcard from Mint Mobile has a few impactful elements working for it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Iconography: Like AT&T, Mint Mobile is using icons to do the talking by showing its 5G service, nationwide coverage, unlimited talk and text, and its money-back guarantee. While not an icon itself, the fox graphic on the front is eye-catching on its own as humans naturally look for faces, and then we want to see what the fox is looking at, which just happens to be the special offer listed below!
  • Vivid colors: Mint Mobile is also using bright colors to catch people’s attention and earn their interest.
  • Benefits-based messaging: Mint Mobile is making sure its prospects understand that its service is affordable by repeating the word "free" or offer to play up its affordability.
  • CTA: There is one single call-to-action on this piece, visit the holiday-themed URL. There are no salespeople to call, no stores to visit, and the only way to take Mint Mobile up on the offer is to visit the website. Plus, the URL itself not only reaffirms that this is a limited-time offer during the holidays, but it also makes it easier for the marketing team on the backend to track results of this campaign.
Best Direct Mail Campaigns: Telecommunications image 6
A great letter campaign from Xfinity


This letter from Xfinity is a great example of how to use direct mail to upsell your customers. Let’s see why this letter campaign is driving results.

  • Imagery: The lifestyle imagery on this piece works really well as it makes it easy for recipients to picture themselves benefitting from the service. They too can relax on the couch with their family and enjoy some entertainment together.
  • Design: This Xfinity letter follows the Z-shape to a T! Recipients will naturally follow the flow of the content as they scan the page from left to right. There are graphics on the page, but they’re not overwhelming or distracting. Another note on the design is the use of bold text to make important messaging stand out, like the word “free” or the value of the offer.
  • Multiple CTA options: Unlike Mint Mobile, Xfinity provides three ways for customers to take action on this offer. AT&T offered its prospects the ability to call or visit a website to learn more, but Xfinity added the option of visiting a local store to talk with a representative.

Direct mail should be directly involved in the communications strategy for telecommunications companies. In fact, learn how Verizon transformed its direct mail operations thanks to digital tools, like Lob’s direct mail automation platform, in this fireside chat.

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