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Direct Mail
June 13, 2023

Best Direct Mail Campaigns: E-Commerce and Online Retailer Brands

Stephanie Donelson

Each month we feature some pieces from our best direct mail campaigns collection that inspire our own direct mail marketing efforts, and we hope they inspire yours as well. 

Today, we want to highlight three e-commerce or online retailer brands that are sending out direct mail campaigns that are making us take a second look at some campaigns we have in motion in case we want to take inspiration from these high-performing marketing campaigns.

Mailer from Chewy


This self-mailer from Chewy is a doggone good one and has several elements that make it work. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Imagery: The image on this mailer easily showcases the products available through Chewy and puts the products in a home-like setting. The image also reflects the copy about “more for every moment,” as the image showcases the dog playing with toys, dog food he or she might get later, and of course, a bed for snoozing later. Chewy has a product for every moment of your pet’s day. 
  • Iconography: Chewy also does a good job of using icons to draw your attention to the main selling points on the mailer: Fast, free shipping, 24/7 customer service, best prices, and many options to choose from. 
  • Offer: The offer is clear: $20 off a first purchase of $49 or more, plus free shipping! 
Mailer from Sephora


The makeup retailer, Sephora, used direct mail to promote a major savings event and sent out a beautifully made-up mailer. Let’s see why this direct mail campaign works so well:

  • Colors: The colors not only bring the branding to life but also tie into the springtime savings theme. There are pops of pastel colors against the brand’s signature black and springy colors among the featured products on the mailer. 
  • Iconography: Like Chewy, Sephora also used icons in its design to pull recipients’ eyes towards key messages: Free shipping, pick up in-store, pick up curbside, and same-day delivery. 
  • Offer: The promo code is super easy to remember and use when customers want to shop the savings event online, and it’s easy to understand what the offer is. Plus, it will be easy for Sephora’s marketing team to attribute results to this campaign with a custom code applied at checkout. 
A mailer from Thuma


Thuma, a bedroom furniture and bedding brand, makes it easy to buy from them online but enjoy their products in real life. Let’s see how this retailer brought this best direct mail campaign to life:

  • Design: This postcard harnesses the power of Thuma’s branding in its design with its use of straight lines, gorgeous imagery, and neutral colors.  Following the Z-shape pattern, the recipients’ eyes will quickly move across the mailer and stop in the right spots for the key messages to sink in.
  • Social proof: The postcard also features a great customer quote and five-star rating to prove why their products are worth investing in. The customer quote also reinforces the message from Thuma about its lifetime warranty. 
  • QR code: Thuma added a QR code for quick scanning for customers who want a more in-depth look at the bed and get more information. 
  • Copy: The copy on this mailer is excellent and calls attention to how simple these beds are, not only in design but also in assembly.
  • Offer: The offer is easy to understand, trackable, and repeated on the direct mailpiece. Get $25 off when using the code “ELEVATEDBEDTIME.”

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