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Lower (and Simpler) Reserved Pricing  for Letters and Postcards
May 14, 2015

Lower (and Simpler) Reserved Pricing for Letters and Postcards

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Daniel Lian

Lower (and Simpler) Reserved Pricing for Letters and Postcards - Lob BlogWe have reduced our Reserved Pricing ~8% on average across our Simple Letter Service and Simple Postcard Service products today. It will now be that much more affordable for our users to send automated mailings. Furthermore, we've moved Reserved pricing to a simpler prepaid model to make pricing that much easier for customers to understand.

Consistent with our Virtuous Cycle philosophy, we're passing more savings to our users and making our API even more accessible. We are constantly monitoring scale and pricing at Lob with the goal of reducing pricing for everyone when possible.

Our customers display impressive creativity and versatility in integrating these products into their workflows. The feedback we've received has been abundantly positive. Many of our customers have leveraged the APIs to acquire more customers and sell more product.

Overview of Reserved Pricing

Lob's Reserved Pricing options allow customers to send a set number of mailings over a set period of time (month/year) at a significant discount. Reservations are ideal for customers who have a good feel for the amount of mail that they plan to send in a given period of time. In addition to saving money, Reservations benefit customers through:

1) Flexibility: Reserved quantities can be used any time throughout the course of your month or year. With Lob, you no longer need to group orders to hit mimimum batch size requirements.

2) Scalability: With deeper discounts for higher volume reservations, you save more per piece as you send more. Lob offers solutions fit for your organization as it grow.

3) Simplicity: Purchasing a Reservation does not require you to change the way you use our API. If you'd like your Reservation to autorenew, let us know when you purchase. Consequently, you'll never have to think about it again.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and continue to use it as a crucial input as we continue to build out these products, so please continue to reach out to us with questions and comments! If you'd like to take advantage of of our lowered Reserved Pricing, feel free to send an email to sales@lob.com and we'd be happy to get you set up.

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