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Lob + Blueshift: Delivering Engaging Customer Interactions Across All Touchpoints
August 19, 2022

Lob + Blueshift: Delivering Engaging Customer Interactions Across All Touchpoints

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We know direct mail is just a part of the omnichannel marketing puzzle that has to fit in with email campaigns, social media, PPC ads, sponsored content, and other tactics.

We also know one of the challenges, with any marketing channel, often seems to be the timing. You don't want to trigger a marketing message too soon if the customer isn't ready to take action but you don't want to wait too long and not have your message be relevant anymore. Your marketing messages need to flow and work together to drive the right action at the right time. And one way to ensure timely delivery of the right message is through an intelligent customer engagement platform.

The Blueshift AI-powered customer engagement platform empowers B2C marketers to create moments of joy for each customer at scale, heightening the value your brand brings to your customers. When the Lob automated direct mail platform is added to Blueshift, marketers can deepen connections with customers at scale across all channels, including direct mail, websites, mobile apps, SMS, and more.

Together, Blueshift and Lob provide a complete system to engage your consumers anywhere and everywhere.

Unify your marketing workflow

In order to engage your customers anywhere and everywhere, you need to fuel your customer journeys with rich and accurate data. Blueshift supercharges your customer data with AI so that you can execute hyper-personalized and relevant marketing campaigns based on customer action.

By integrating Lob with Blueshift, you can unify your workflow and coordinate both online and offline marketing campaigns. Lob's already trusted as the leader in direct mail automation but now you can improve your direct mail marketing channel with better data, customer insights, and triggering direct mail based on the right customer actions — or triggering a different channel if that's best for the customer.

By customizing your marketing creative, whether digital or direct, you create a consistent experience with your brand. Establishing a consistent brand voice across all your interactions builds trust, affinity, and loyalty among your customers, leads, and partners. By unifying your workflow with these automated marketing tools, you ensure consistent timing, voice, and design across all of your channels which should consistently drive conversions.

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Personalization across all channels

Consumers have less time and more media competing for their attention than ever before. Unless your message builds a connection in the first few lines, a consumer won’t even read it, much less convert. To grab and keep their attention, you need to personalize your content, using each customer’s unique needs, interests, and purchase history to craft a message that connects.

Blueshift and Lob power your personalization efforts, ensuring every message you send out is compelling and relevant to the consumer. Blueshift Creative Studio provides an intuitive drag-and-drop template interface for emails, making it easy to build emails, test content and rendering, and optimize your messages for engagement. Dynamic personalization enables you to meet the needs of each customer, without having to create many different versions of the same email.

Lob integrates seamlessly with Blueshift, providing the same level of control over your direct mail campaigns. You can use as many variables as you want to customize mailpieces on the fly, then trigger them in response to customer actions, important dates, intervals, and more.

For example, you can automatically add customers to a reactivation campaign after 60 days of inactivity, and send them a sequence of emails and direct mail messages. These messages can be customized to send discounts for products that will appeal to each individual customer, based on previous purchases. And once you set up your campaigns, they run themselves, so you can spend your time building new campaigns, and optimizing your messaging.

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Is the Blueshift + Lob integration right for you?

Blueshift is a powerful customer engagement platform, with cutting-edge tools for marketing, customization, and analysis. Not only does it serve as a central hub for marketing data and customer communication, it also has applications for email and mobile marketing automation, contextual chat, dynamic website personalization, audience segmentation and targeting, marketing optimization, and many other use cases. You should weigh Blueshift’s capabilities against all gaps and pain points in your tech stack — especially if you're in need of a powerful engagement platform.

Lob provides a complete solution for direct mail automation, which integrates easily with your CDP, CRM, billing software, and virtually any other use case where you need to send out direct mail. Lob automates direct mail address verification, printing, delivery, and tracking, with an affordable, per-piece pricing model that meets the needs of today's budget-strapped marketers.

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