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How to Use Lob and Clearbit to Enrich Marketing Campaigns
May 5, 2021

How to Use Lob and Clearbit to Enrich Marketing Campaigns

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Mark Pinard

In the next 30 minutes, over 100 business addresses will change, 20 CEOs will change jobs, and over 70 phone numbers will turn. No wonder it’s hard to collect complete and accurate data. Because of this, marketers often struggle to tap into the potential of direct mail, leaving their omnitouch strategy a little lackluster.

Relying on your own data or expensive contact lists isn’t enough. You need more (and better) data. Businesses should use Lob and Clearbit together to find new leads and create more highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Clearbit for Data Enrichment

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that helps marketers and salespeople personalize interactions with customers and prospects.

What does it do?

In short, Clearbit deanonymizes and enriches customer data.

Clearbit Enrichment gives marketers the context they need to turn leads into customers. When a person fills out a form, Clearbit automatically provides up to 100+ data points for better lead scoring and routing, segmentation, personalization, and more. That way, you can tailor your outreach based on job role, company size, title, or any other data point. Clearbit uses that data to create responsive forms that fill in the data you need on the back-end, automatically shortening the form and reducing friction for your users.

Clearbit Reveal takes data collection to the next level by deanonymizing site visitors based on their IP address—no form needed! With this visitor data, you can create a personalized web experience with instant firmographic data. Then you can use the Clearbit Alerts feature to automatically notify your team when a hot lead lands on your site.

Tired of Facebook’s lousy business-to-business (B2B) targeting? Clearbit Advertising helps you improve targeting and reach new businesses, retarget specific qualified accounts, and personalize campaigns by stage, status, industry, and more.

How do you use it?

Clearbit makes the other software you use better.

  • Use it to find the data you need to act on your Salesforce records.
  • Increase conversions with Marketo by using Clearbit to shorten forms, personalize emails, and route leads.
  • Enrich leads with firmographic data using Clearbit to improve your lead scoring and email campaigns in HubSpot.
  • Improve chatbot conversations through Drift by using Clearbit data to offer a personalized experience.

Those are just some ways to use Clearbit, but you can check out the entire list of integrations on their website.

What are the results?

With Clearbit, companies can increase click-throughs, sign-ups, conversions, and more.

Zenefits, for example, used Clearbit to strengthen Facebook ads. They created custom audiences, enriched them with Clearbit, and found a better way to reach high-quality leads faster. The result? A 20% increase in conversion rate from prospect to qualified lead.

They’re not the only ones using Clearbit to drive these kinds of results. Livestorm increased sign-ups by 50%. Gong saw a 5X increase in demo requests. Intercom increased their pipeline, adding 2,700 new leads every week.

Lob for Direct Mail

Lob is a direct mail automation platform that helps businesses improve their offline marketing and communications.

What does it do?

For a long time, the only options for direct mail marketing were clunky and antiquated. Campaigns took forever to launch, which meant businesses had to prepare months in advance. Christmas direct mail in July? More like Christmas direct mail in January.

Lob is the solution to that problem. The average American will spend—are you ready for this?—the equivalent of 44 years looking at screens. As such, your offline marketing should be closely linked with your digital marketing. For many, this involves manually checking address lists, customer data, purchases, email opens, and more.

The better way—the Lob way—is more intelligent. With Lob, your direct mail can be triggered by customer events and behavior. When a user takes action in digital form, it automatically triggers a direct mail campaign on demand, no additional planning necessary.

Not only do Lob’s programmatic triggers allow direct mail to be tightly integrated into your digital marketing, but Lob’s analytics and reporting help you continually optimize those direct mail campaigns for better results.

Plus, Lob’s global print delivery network saves time during printing and mailing, while our HTML dynamic templates help you customize your mail and run multivariate tests.

It’s a better, smarter, faster, more effective way to send direct mail.

How do you use it?

Lob provides the infrastructure for designing, printing, and shipping direct mail so you can put your time and focus elsewhere. But Lob isn’t just a stand-alone solution. The best way to use Lob is to either replace outdated technology and manual processes or seamlessly integrate it with your current technology. Lob customer Saylent even built Lob into their proprietary platform.

You can use Lob in whatever way works best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all, and that’s a good thing.

What are the results?

Lob has helped businesses eliminate scammers, save time, stay compliant, reduce lead time, and more.

VillageCareMAX, for example, was able to save over 4,000 hours a year by automating their direct mail. Carewell, another Lob customer, was able to reduce direct mail shipping costs by over $5,000 a month. And CPH & Associates grew customer retention and shortened lead time by 98%.

How Can Lob and Clearbit Work Together?

Clearbit can help enrich and deanonymize your customer and audience data so you can create hyper-targeted, personalized direct mail campaigns.


Targeting site visitors with direct mail is difficult if they aren’t handing over their addresses. Targeting an entirely new audience is an even greater challenge. You could buy expensive address lists segmented by location or business size, or a variety of other high-level attributes.

Or you can use Clearbit Prospector to find new prospects to target with direct mail. With access to contacts at over 2 million companies, you can create new lists with a few clicks. With over 100 data points to combine, you can make these lists as highly targeted or broad as you like for an acquisition campaign.

Then, once you have your list of addresses, you can use Lob’s address verification system to make sure all addresses collected are deliverable. Lob even scores each address based on how likely your delivery will be successful.

Similarly, you can use Clearbit Reveal and Clearbit Enrichment to gather detailed data on your site visitors. They didn’t fill out a form? No problem. You’ve got their IP address, and that’s enough. Clearbit does the rest of the work so you can focus on developing a personalized direct mail campaign that works in tandem with your digital marketing for more effective acquisition.


Your work doesn’t stop once your prospect becomes a customer. In fact, customer retention has the potential to increase revenue by 95% according to a HubSpot study.

In the B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) world, new competitors are cropping up all the time. Slack, for example, was founded in 2009. At the time, there wasn’t much competition for office chat software. Now, Slack has to work harder to retain its customers when there are newer, more affordable competitors like Chanty.

Slack has no intention of changing its pricing or providing discounts. Fortunately, that’s not the only way to retain customers.

The marketing team decides to host a webinar on efficient and effective team communication to increase engagement and loyalty among current customers. They’ll run LinkedIn and email campaigns, of course, but why stop there?

To add a unique and personal touch, Slack could:

  • send postcards with Lob that look like movie or event tickets to its current customers.
  • use Clearbit to find anyone in a managerial position at each of their target accounts and personalize the direct mail by name, department, etc.
  • add a URL to the ticket that leads to a specific landing page where they can sign up for the webinar.
  • segment their direct mail by location with data they found through Clearbit and send a gift card to a local coffee shop so they can grab themselves a coffee for the webinar.
  • send out cards to all the attendees after the webinar, thanking them for not only attending the webinar but being a loyal customer.

An effective retention strategy does more than send an email now and then. It creates an omnichannel experience, reaching your customers on digital channels like email and paid social, and augmenting that digital campaign with direct mail for better ROI.

With the same Clearbit tools, you can enrich the data you already have on your customers to segment even further in your direct mail retention campaigns.

Integrate Your Software for Superior Marketing Campaigns

Manually compiling customer or prospect data or buying expensive contact lists isn’t scalable. Instead, build an integrated tech stack with customer software like Lob and Clearbit to get the best data to seamlessly enrich your direct mail marketing.

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