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How to Conduct Customer Research for Marketing
Direct Mail
December 22, 2022

How to Conduct Customer Research for Marketing

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Go into the new year with a plan to create customer-centric marketing campaigns based on feedback and insights directly from your customers! There's no better time to conduct customer research for marketing purposes. This research allows companies to invest their resources more effectively and create better marketing campaigns. This approach also enables marketing professionals to customize and enhance A/B testing and gives them insight into the needs and desires of their target customer base.

Methods for conducting research

There are many ways for companies to conduct their own customer research for marketing. Knowing which of those avenues will offer the most ROI and results for your specific market is essential. Some research methods work better than others, depending on the brand's products or services. Once you figure out which approaches offer the most helpful information, you can begin testing to extrapolate essential information that can propel an effective marketing campaign.

Existing company information

Companies collect and store information about their leads, customers, and campaign results from year to year. You can start your marketing research by analyzing the previously stored data and using it to help you understand the behaviors and preferences of customers and your target audience. Having this information fresh in your mind and at your fingertips lets you determine where to begin and what data really moves the needle in your marketing campaigns.

Customer support

Another way you can leverage existing company information is to ask the team that talks to your customers all the time! What kinds of customer support questions are frequently asked? Can you turn those questions into marketing campaigns or update current ones to solve this common problem? Listen to recorded customer support calls to understand the language your customers use and what problems they're trying to solve with a support rep's help.

Database analysis

Database analysis is crucial for determining and understanding customer behavior and, thus, tailoring a marketing approach. Marketing professionals can read and decipher database information to direct business objectives and guide further marketing efforts for better results. You may also want to use your email marketing data here to better understand how your customers interact with your marketing messages, such as opening your communications, engaging with them, or requesting they stop.

But, customers opting out of email marketing messages doesn't mean it's the end of the line for marketing campaigns. They might just need to change shape. See how ThirdLove used direct mail to reach customers who had opted out of email marketing.

Analyze Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a highly effective tool when for understanding your target audience and what content of yours they're interested in. For example, this data provides details results about where traffic derives, what the customer does when they land on your website, and any actions they take during their visit. When marketing teams analyze this information, they can gain insight into:

  • Your customers' demographic information
  • Related interests
  • Devices they use
  • Content they consume
  • Conversions


Surveys are a great way to learn more about customer behavior and preferences. To encourage customers to take surveys, you can offer them a chance to earn prizes, discounts, or other rewards in exchange for their time. There are many ways to conduct surveys. Some standard methods include the following:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Online after a purchase
  • Social media
  • In-store surveys or via QR code

Almost every business in every industry benefits from the insights gained from customer surveys. It's an excellent method for conducting customer research for marketing.

Benefits of customer research for marketing resources

There are countless ways in which customer research for marketing benefits companies across all industries. The larger companies rely on this research to gain a foothold in highly competitive industries and stay ahead of the competition.

Data-driven insights

Deriving data driving insights is the best way to market informed marketing decisions. Therefore, your company gets better ROI and visibility. Research to generate data is essential for scaling a business and inciting growth.

Better direct mail campaigns

Direct mail is a highly effective form of marketing that you can't afford to overlook. Successful companies know they have a unique power to connect with their target audience via inbound and outbound marketing when they send direct mail. The recipient is more likely to read direct mail and respond positively. In fact, approximately 70% of individuals prefer direct mail over email or text.

Improve testing

Another goal of customer research for marketing should be to improve A/B testing for future needs. The more effective the testing, the better the data. Accurate data propels more effective marketing strategies for the best possible metrics.

Invest in the proper channels

Knowing where your marking investment is most effective is crucial for any company; the more effective your research and data, the more effective your investment. Spend time on detailed research and marketing campaigns that connect with customers and deliver proven results.

How Lob can help

If you're interested in creating a better connection with your target audience, it's time to invest in a robust direct mail campaign. Just any old primary DM campaign won't work, however. You need the tools and insight a top-performing direct mail company can offer today's companies operating in a competitive environment.

Lob is a company that offers its customers a wealth of tools and options to help them achieve their goals. They provide measurable results and scalability that allow you to customize your approach and see a better ROI. Now is the time to reach out and see for yourself how a tailored direct mail marketing campaign can help your business grow quickly. Reach out to an expert today or sign up for a demonstration to learn more and get started before the new year arrives!

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