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December 10, 2013

Holiday Hacks with Lob

Harry Zhang

As the holidays are approaching, we wanted to share some ideas on increasing customer engagement using Lob’s API.

But if you don’t have time to set up these integrations, we set aside time to help out! You can email us an Excel list of customers and the creative in PDF. We will send it out on your behalf!

1. Send holiday cards to all/key customers

The holidays are a great time to show customers (specifically high revenue generating customers) that you appreciate their business. Using Lob’s API you can tie this directly into your yearly workflow. Hence you can create certain customer metrics that if met, will trigger a nice card from your company.

We recommend either sending a postcard using the Postcard API or sending a card (setting 201) or letter (setting 101) using the Simple Print Service API

2. Allow people to purchase gift cards

For consumer-oriented companies that are looking to get an extra revenue boost during the holidays, we suggest offering the ability for customers to purchase gift cards for friends or family. Using our Simple Print Service API (Setting ID 201) you can send really nice cards that come in A2 envelopes that can act as gift cards. By generating a unique promo code on each card you can lock in revenue this December.

3. Create a holiday direct mail marketing campaign

The holidays are also a great time to launch a direct mail marketing campaign. Use the holidays as an opportunity to create a campaign to increase user acquisition to boost your end of year numbers. We currently allow people to either use internally generated targeted lists or use our Simple Area Mail API. Simple Area Mail (currently in BETA) gives you the power to blanket ENTIRE zip codes with postcards through a simple API call. It has never been easier to launch a direct mail marketing campaign. For those that want to send out mailers to entire zip codes please reach out to us and we can help you get this done via our new API.

We hope everyone has a great holiday!