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Lob Launches New Data Intelligence Feature, Enabling Marketers to Increase the Trajectory of Sales Cycles with Targeted Audiences

April 19, 2023

San Francisco, April 19, 2023 - Lob, the leading intelligent direct mail automation platform, has introduced Lob Audience, a data intelligence feature that provides marketing and sales professionals with the ability to create highly targeted audiences to increase the sales velocity of prospecting campaigns, optimize revenue growth, and minimize lost sales opportunities. With this launch, Lob expands its direct mail automation and analytics platform by incorporating audience intelligence for marketers.

Data intelligence solves issues for sales and marketing teams that have incomplete CRM data and lack of visibility into in-market prospect behavior. It promises to unlock data-driven, personalized go-to-market motions by identifying anonymous site visitors, incorporating buyer signals, behavioral interests and demographic data, and optimize outcomes. Unlike other solutions, Lob's platform manages the direct mail process end-to-end from audience targeting, to campaign deployment and mail production, delivery, campaign tracking and optimization, and sustainability.

“Lob Audiences is built for go-to-market teams and provides benefits such as lead lists, data enhancement, and custom analytics,” said Ryan Ferrier, Lob’s COO. “Lob Audience will enable marketers to target the right prospect audience and cleanse existing customer data which can massively impact the trajectory of their sales cycles.”