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Trust your address data with the most accurate verification tool on the market

Lob is the most accurate address verification product in the market, and leverages real-time data and machine learning to constantly optimize accuracy. Lob is the only AV tool with access to extensive physical mail data and Lob leverages that data to consistently test and improve AV API accuracy.

Improve Your Data with Address Verification

Front-end Solutions
Increase form conversion and eliminate typos before they happen with Autocomplete
Accurate Results
Trust your address data with the most accurate verification tool on the market
Cost Reduction
Reduce unnecessary costs and overhead incurred by unreliable address data

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Lob’s Address Verification is > 4% more accurate than leading competitors
Carewell saved over $5000/mo in undeliverable shipments by cleansing address data. Read more ->
“Address Verification has saved us so much time speaking to UPS to update incorrect addresses and customers are no longer blaming us for wrong addresses.”
Bianca L. Padilla
Co-founder & CEO of Carewell

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Lob is building APIs to increase connectivity between the offline and online worlds. We’re automating direct mail and address verification so modern businesses can move faster & create new growth opportunities.