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Lob Salesforce Integration

Direct mail and Salesforce, together at last

Trigger direct mail campaigns, track direct mail delivery and automate direct mail at scale, without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Scale, speed, and flexibility for all your direct mail needs

Automated direct mail at scale
Use clicks instead of code with native automation tools, and trigger mail at scale through Lob’s PDN
Real-time mail tracking
Create follow-up tasks, emails, and calls based on real-time tracking information
Integrated direct mail sends
Create and automate mail campaigns directly from your Salesforce reports
Reporting and analytics
Leverage Salesforce’s reports and dashboards to turn quality data into actionable insights

Automate and send direct mail at scale

Turn lengthy, manual processes of sending mail into a few clicks with ProcessBuilder, and access on-demand mail fulfillment with Lob’s dynamic Print Delivery Network.

Access real-time tracking for each direct mail piece

Get unprecedented mail tracking and visibility to coordinate responses across different channels or inform your follow-up tasks, emails and calls downstream.

Build programmatic campaigns to fit your custom workflow

Create direct mail campaigns based on reports, triggers based on events or record-changes, and automate operational mail with speed and flexibility.

Enhance customer insights with robust reporting & analytics

Attribute direct mail data by leveraging ReportBuilder and rack up quick wins by turning quality data into actionable insights that your team can count on.

“Our company had been vetting mailer options for a long time, and Veezla's Print & Mail app had everything we needed. The package integrates directly with your Salesforce data and allows automations to create records and send whenever you like.... and it saved us A LOT of money. This is definitely worth your time.”
Joey Belluco
Systems Administrator, Prospect Home Finance

A technology-first approach to personalized direct mail

Salesforce Clouds

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Field Service Lightning
  • CPQ
  • B2B Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation & Hospitality
  • Non-Profit & Philanthropy
  • …& more!

Mail form factors

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Checks
  • Folded self mailers
  • Custom envelopes

Address coverage

  • Real-time validation
  • USPS CASS-certified
  • National Change of Address
  • 240+ countries & territories
  • …& more!

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Our Salesforce integration is developed in partnership with, sold, and supported by our premier ISV partner, Veezla.
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