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Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman
August 12, 2021

Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman

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Sid Maestre

At Lob, we’re dedicated to improving how developers learn and utilize our direct mail and address verification APIs. We are happy to announce the release of Lob’s Public Workspace on Postman.com. Postman is a collaborative API development platform, designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating APIs.

This workspace provides sophisticated tools for developers, while also enabling you to interact with our APIs without writing any code. This is a great way to learn about our endpoints, available parameters, sample payloads and how responses change based on various inputs.

In addition we’ve written documentation for using the workspace and a video walk-through — all so that developers have the best first-time experience with our APIs.

The backbone of this project is our OpenAPI 3.0 specification that we bundle and use to build our postman collection. You can find them on GitHub in the dist folder of our deployment branch.

We know there are many popular developer tools and platforms that you use daily to integrate with APIs. Drop us an email and tell us about them so we can work to add Lob support.

Get started with Lob’s public workspace

Sign up for a Lob account

  1. Create an account at Lob.com
  2. Login to Lob dashboard and navigate to Settings
  3. You'll use the SECRET API KEYS that begin with test_ for your Test API key and live_ for your Live API key.
Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman image 2

Sign up for a Postman account

  1. Create an account at Postman.com
  2. Download the Postman app (or use Postman on the web)

Fork our collection and environment

  1. Go to Lob’s public workspace and fork our Postman Collection.
  2. Next, fork our Environment into your Postman workspace.
Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman image 3
Postman - Go to Lob's public workspace and select Fork
Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman image 4
Postman - Fork Lob's Environment into your Postman workspace

Set your API keys in Postman

  1. Copy and paste your TEST and LIVE API keys from Lob.com Settings into your environment variable current values and click Save.
  2. Select your forked Lob Public Environment.
Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman image 5
Start exploring Lob APIs with Postman image 6

You are now ready to start exploring Lob’s APIs. Perform operations — like create, read, list, and delete — on addresses, postcards, letters, checks, and more. Our address verification is available for both US and international locations, with additional autocomplete and zip code lookup functionality for US addresses.

More Resources for Lob on Postman

Stuck setting up? This 10-min video will help you get started.

For a bit of fun, see how our API does in Postman’s BlindFold Challenge. Developer Advocate Sean Keegan, challenges Postman Solutions Engineer Matt Ball to use Lob’s APIs through our Public workspace without any preparation.

We hope you enjoy exploring Lob’s public workspace, and we look forward to hearing from you. Drop us a line with any feedback at lob-openapi@lob.com or hit us up on Twitter via @Lob_dev.

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