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Direct Mail
June 15, 2023

Sound Bites: The Lobcast Podcast Recap

Stephanie Donelson

As marketers, we know our customers and prospects all consume content differently. Some prefer in-depth eBooks, some prefer quick-to-scan infographics, and some prefer video or audio-based content.

To that end, we launched the Lobcast Podcast: Mixers and Marketing awhile back to meet the needs of our audiences that prefer audio or video content.

We thought it’d be fun to revisit our most recent episodes and pull out some key takeaways, expert advice, and some mic-drop quotes. 

Episode 16: Marketing Optimizations & Old Fashioneds

Optimization is a journey, not a destination. On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we had Mike Tuffley, VP, Solutions Engineering in the studio to dig into the science and principles behind continuous marketing optimizations, especially in the direct mail space. We discussed where to focus optimization efforts, what tests to run, and how to measure results.

Key highlights include:

  • Learn more about the RVA principle in marketing optimizations: Recency, Velocity, and Accuracy
  • Leveraging technology to automate and optimize marketing campaigns, whether digital-based ones or direct mail campaigns
  • What problems marketers are looking to solve through optimizations, such as reducing campaign costs or increasing ROI per campaign
  • What metrics to track to effectively measure A/B tests and marketing campaign optimizations

Listen to the full episode:


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Episode 15: Personalization & Pina Coladas

On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we mixed up piña coladas and talked all things personalization. Personalization is the name of the game in marketing, but it can also be a challenge to get it right. Learn how to personalize your marketing campaigns to drive better results and ROI. 

Key highlights include:

  • 79% of consumers are only likely to engage with a brand’s offer if that offer has been personalized to reflect previous interactions that the consumer has had with the brand
  • Preference centers provide insight into what your customers want, and you can aggregate learnings to uncover trends within your own customer database by age, gender, household income, size of family, type of purchase, etc. You also create a new level of trust with your customer because you show them you care about their wants and only wish to provide them with communication they look forward to
  • Before setting up any automated workflows, it's important to have a clear strategy in place that outlines your goals and how personalization will help you achieve them. This strategy should take into account your target audience, their preferences and behaviors, and the specific messages or offers you want to deliver
  • Social media sentiment, seasonal trends, local events, and customer behavior patterns are variables marketers should pay attention to in order to improve campaign performance

Listen to the full episode:


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Episode 14: Operational Mail & Orange Margaritas

On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we’re sipping on orange margaritas and talking about a different type of direct mail: operational mail! Like marketing mail, this type of mail benefits from automation, integration, and optimization. 

Key highlights include:

  • Organizations sending operational mail can improve results and customer engagement by A/B testing mail formats, and including marketing messages relevant to the customer
  • Direct mail automation improves workflows, allows resources to be reallocated to impactful work, and provides tracking information for regulated industries
  • Those sending operational mail need to have quality data hygiene practices in place to ensure mail is personalized and sent to the right recipients
  • An easy way to increase efficiency with operational mail is to partner with a company that has an expansive print delivery network

Listen to the full episode:


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Episode 13: Marketing Metrics & Margaritas

On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we’re putting our marketing measurement skills to the test. From CPA to ROI, we’re talking all things marketing metrics and what marketers should keep in mind when analyzing the results of their campaigns.

Key highlights include:

  • Marketers should start by matching the right marketing channel to budgets and goals to more effectively track results
  • Marketing tools modern marketers should use to report on campaigns include Marketo, Salesforce, and Tableau
  • Marketers should run A/B tests to improve marketing results and know what metrics to track to ensure the test was successful
  • Marketers should make sure the whole marketing team is aligned on how to interpret the metrics and data and has access to the same dashboards or reports

Listen to the full episode:


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