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Sound Bites: Lobcast Podcast Episodes 17-18
Direct Mail
July 13, 2023

Sound Bites: Lobcast Podcast Episodes 17-18

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Stephanie Donelson

Last month we featured some key highlights and mic-drop quotes from our guests on the Lobcast Podcast, and we’re back with some important takeaways from our most recent episodes, episode 17 and 18 on marketing ROI and A/B testing.

Check out what you might have missed if you haven't given these episodes a listen yet in this podcast recap blog.

Episode 17: Marketing ROI & Mai Tais

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As marketers, we’re constantly tasked with doing more with less and increasing ROI at the same time. Let’s break down marketing ROI and talk about how direct mail can be a great channel for improving ROI and lifting the results of other marketing channels.

On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we’re talking about ROI - Return on Investment. ROI is a key metric most marketers track and we’re breaking down the ROI on direct mail marketing.

Key highlights include:

  • According to our 2023 State of Direct Mail, 74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response rate, and conversion rate than all other channels used
  • 62% of consumers say they take action due to a direct mail communication they’ve received from a brand
  • The most successful direct mail campaigns are in winback, referral programs, and hand-raisers (also known as In-market leads)
  • There are three key metrics to analyzing direct mail ROI: Response rates, lead rate, and sales rate

Listen to the full episode:

Explore the topic of direct mail ROI

ROI is such an important metric for marketers, no matter what marketing channel they're working on. We all need to make sure our investments are paying off and driving measurable results.

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Episode 18: A/B Testing & Apricot Bellinis

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Testing, testing! We’re talking about A/B testing in marketing campaigns on this episode of the Lobcast Podcast. Learn more about statistical significance, what elements to test, and what marketing channels to run your A/B tests on.

On this episode of the Lobcast Podcast, we’re discussing all things A/B testing in our marketing strategies, including direct mail. Learn more about running statistically significant A/B tests and improve your overall marketing campaigns by accurately analyzing the results and applying what you’ve learned.

Key highlights include:

  • A/B testing in both direct mail and email can help improve campaign effectiveness and ROI by providing valuable insights into what resonates with your target audience
  • There are many personalization elements you can A/B test to drive lift. The ones that immediately come to mind are CTAs, CTA placement, offers, copy, lifestyle imagery used; the possibilities if you partner with tech companies like Lob are really endless
  • The general results analysis time for direct mail is 45-60 days
  • Statistical significance is essentially a fancy term for proving whether a result is due to chance or a true result of your testing efforts. Essentially, a probability measurement

Listen to the full episode:

Dive deeper into the topic of direct mail testing and optimization

We all know about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, but what about direct mail optimization? What does it take to create valuable tests and optimize the entire workflow and our campaigns to drive better results?

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