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Lowering Check Reservation Pricing
July 16, 2015

Lowering Check Reservation Pricing

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Daniel Lian

Effective today, we have reduced our Simple Check Service Reserved Pricing by an average of ~15%. Now it will be that much more affordable for our users to send their checks in an automated fashion.

Adoption of this product continues to be superb. Consistent with our Virtuous Cycle philosophy, we want to share its success by passing more savings down to you. It has never been easier to make payments via physical check in a scalable manner. We want to offer the ability to do so in the easiest and most affordable way; this price cut is another step in helping us achieve that goal. We are always monitoring our volume and pricing across our product set with the hopes of passing any cost savings to our customers, so stay tuned for more updates as we keep growing.

SCS Reserved Pricing Cut

This price cut specifically addresses our Reserved Pricing tiers, which give customers sending consistent volumes of mail access to deep discounts. We also offer our on-demand model, which provides flexibility for customers that only need to print a few checks here and there or cannot yet gauge their volume needs accurately.

We appreciate your feedback! It remains a crucial input for us as we build out our check product, so please continue to reach out to us with questions and comments! To take advantage of our lowered Reserved Pricing, send an email to sales@lob.com and we'll get you set up.

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