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Lob + Iterable
September 14, 2017

Lob + Iterable

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Joe Singh

Connect Your Customers' Mailboxes and Inboxes With the Lob Webhook in Iterable

As marketing automation grows more commonplace, it’s more important than ever for marketers to be dynamic and independent. However, in many cases, a lack of engineering support stifles marketing's creativity. Hamstrung marketing teams find themselves siloed into different solutions for each marketing channel. Iterable set out to change that.

Iterable allows growth marketers to achieve omni-channel relevance at scale by enabling automated campaigns across email, SMS, rich mobile push, web push, in-app, social—and now with Lob, direct mail. We’re very excited to have a specialized Lob Webhook available to all Lob customers who use Iterable.

By adding Lob’s modern tooling to Iterable’s visual, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio, marketers can tap the high ROI of direct mail as easily as they configure and send messages across online channels.

Take a look at the example below to see the integration come to life!

Using the Lob Webhook in an Iterable Workflow

Lob + Iterable image 2

Iterable's Workflow Studio executes behaviorally-triggered campaigns across all channels, including direct mail through Lob.[/caption]

In the workflow we’re walking through, our client PolicyGenius, a consumer insurance marketplace, wants to advance customers through the application process. The customer receives a welcome email upon signup, and opens the email. Then if the email receives no response, this workflow calls the Lob webhook to generate and mail a follow-up letter. With the webhook, joint Lob and Iterable clients don’t have to batch and send direct mail.

Because Lob allows letter templates to be stored in HTML, each letter can have variable data that is automatically customized and triggered to print.

The Lob webhook can anchor different workflows. For example, if PolicyGenius receives periodic notices that certain insurers are lowering rates for a given type of policy, they can automatically trigger a postcard or letter to their affected customers.

As you can see, your only constraint when leveraging the Lob direct mail webhook is your imagination. Matt Byrd, Director of Product Marketing at PolicyGenius, has high hopes for what our integration can do for his business.

"PolicyGenius needs to optimize across many channels for very different customer journeys. Working with Iterable and Lob allows us to deliver targeted email, SMS and direct mail, resulting in a seamless experience that puts our customers first," said Byrd.

His colleague, Jessica Owen, responsible for retention marketing, also agrees. "At PolicyGenius, we make shopping for insurance as seamless and pain-free as possible. We expect that same experience from the tools we use in our growth marketing efforts. Iterable and Lob enable us to leverage all our customer data in real time and easily build automated, omni-channel campaigns tailored to each customer," said Owen.

Setting Up the Lob Webhook in Iterable

Lob + Iterable image 3

Customers of our joint solution can reach out to either Iterable or Lob to get this webhook set up.

Once the webhook is configured, you’re ready to set up endlessly segmented omni-channel strategies. Lob has added a powerful new channel to Iterable’s leading growth marketing platform.

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