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March 7, 2016

Lob + Blockspring

Lob and Blockspring have partnered to offer the simple sending of postcards, letters, and checks without the need to write any code. Instantly link your Blockspring account with Lob and send API requests from spreadsheets. Leverage your existing spreadsheet models, workflows and datasets for powerful targeted outreach. For example, you can send postcards to a waiting list, send letters for invoicing, or send custom promotions to retain customers.

Booting Up Lob + Blockspring

Step 1: Connect your Lob and Blockspring Accounts
Head over to Lob on Blockspring’s website, and paste in your Lob API key found in your dashboard settings.

You can't use the Test API Key to send out any mail, but it's great for testing content. If you use the Live API Key, you will trigger mail. You will need to add a payment method before sending any Live API requests.

Step 2: Install the Blockspring Google Spreadsheets Sidebar
If this is your first time using Blockspring, you will need to install the Blockspring Sidebar as shown below in Google Spreadsheets.

Step 3: Send Mail
In this example, we'll be sending postcards using the Blockspring postcard template. You can fill out or import addresses into the rows of the template as shown below.

You can add your content (HTML/PDF/PNG/JPEG) into the cells labeled front (front side of postcard) and back (back side of postcard).

Find templates for the different mail pieces here.

And you are done! Lob's Blockspring integration also supports Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Slack, and Bubble. We hope this will allow our customers to easily get started with sending direct mail through Lob.

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