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Introducing Card Affix and 11x9 Bifold Self-Mailers
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October 18, 2021

Introducing Card Affix and 11x9 Bifold Self-Mailers

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Aya Maeda

Acquire and convert more customers with new features designed for engagement

Marketers are constantly seeking creative ways to reach their audience at the right “a-ha” moment, to improve conversion and overall campaign performance. The savviest marketers know there’s a secret sauce to optimizing their omnichannel marketing strategy by actually reaching their audience—direct mail. Direct mail can help to increase ROI by using auto-sequenced and well-executed outreach at the right moment in the customer lifecycle, along with eye-catching imagery or relevant CTAs.

Engage customers with new direct mail features

Today, we’re launching two new features that allow you to creatively engage your audience:

  1. Letters with card affix
  2. 11x9 bifold self-mailers

Letters with card affix

Letters with card affix are a creative way for your business to:

  • Get the word out about special promotions and other limited-time opportunities
  • Acquire new customers by attracting new visitors to your site
  • Encourage repeat visits through retargeting lapsed customers
  • Increase customer value with loyalty or member-only programs
  • Remind customers of ongoing promotions in a tangible, memorable way

With this feature, letters can be sent with compelling offers affixed in the form of tangible paper cards. These double-sided “faux” cards can be part of your programmatic sends along with your Letter API calls, eliminating the hassle and lead time typically required in creating, producing, and sending these cards in time for a special promotion or new launch.

11x9 bifold self-mailers

  • Provide you more space to promote a product or educate customers than postcards
  • Feature a 1” offset with a CTA, compelling recipients to open/unfold the self-mailer and learn more about the offer
  • Allow greater storytelling as part of your broader digital marketing strategy, bringing relevant and personalized content to your customers in a timely way

How to get started with new mail features

Ready to engage and convert your customers with card affix and 11x9 self-mailers?

We have a plethora of easy-to-access resources to help you get started:

Card affix

11x9 bifold self-mailers

To get more direct mail campaign strategies, download our mini guide: Running a Tactical Direct Mail Campaign.

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