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From New Templates to Faster Routing, Read What’s New @ Lob
July 31, 2019

From New Templates to Faster Routing, Read What’s New @ Lob

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Lauren Ritchie

This past quarter, we’ve been busy pushing the envelope on how to modernize intelligent direct mail, and want to share what we’ve been working on. Expect updates every quarter that highlight product updates for both our address verification and print & mail solutions, and detail how they’ll impact you.

New Sample Templates

Don’t know how to start designing your new direct mail creative? Check out the newly expanded template gallery. Our templates are production ready and can have you sending mail with Lob in minutes, but they’re also customizable, making it easy to match your use case, branding, and voice.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to engage customers, an insurance agency sending compliance notices, or a member of the finance department looking to automate invoices―our templates can speed up the time it takes for you to start your next communications initiative.

Have an idea for a template you'd like to see? Want to submit a template for our gallery? Let us know.

Cancellation Notifications for Webhooks

With Lob you can automate manual tasks associated with tracking direct mail by subscribing to webhooks. Subscribing to webhooks means you’ll get notifications whenever specific mail events occur, and can capture data on your direct mail communications. We’ve seen customers use webhooks to automatically maintain their audit logs, enhance their omnichannel presence, and help measure campaign attribution, but these notifications are highly modifiable and can be tailored to match your business needs.

We’ve added a new webhook event on cancellations, which gets triggered whenever a piece of mail gets cancelled. (The default time for the cancellation window on postcards, letters, and checks is 5 minutes, but you can change the cancellation window in your dashboard.) By subscribing to the cancellation event, you can get a more accurate measure on campaign attribution and record of communications.

Read more about how webhooks work with Lob.

Signature Upload for Checks

Bring a personal touch to your checks by including a unique signature. Checks sent through Lob can now include custom signatures from image files; learn how to upload custom signatures in our resource guide.

Interested in learning how to send checks through Lob? Read how to automatically generate checks.

Routing Enhancements

Mail facilitated by Lob gets delivered faster, as we intelligently route mail within our Print Delivery Network. Composed of over a dozen printers across the globe, our Print Delivery Network scales printing demands and allows us to track when your direct mail is printed and processed for delivery.

Recently, we’ve made improvements to the letter routing process across our Print Delivery Network to optimize production times. While, this update won’t be visible to most users, it ensures that all letters will receive a mailed event when they enter the mailstream - with a 99% guarantee rate.

Learn more on what mail events notifications you can subscribe to.

Resource Library

Technically this isn’t feature update, but it is something we’re excited to share with you. Head over to the Resource Library to catch the latest and greatest on direct mail. From the resource center you can watch webinar, read case studies, our review our newest study: State of Direct Mail.

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