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Master Direct Mail Marketing with Lob’s Master Class
Direct Mail
September 7, 2023

Master Direct Mail Marketing with Lob’s Master Class

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Stephanie Donelson

The kids are back in school and focused on their learning, so why not take a page out of their books and learn something new or take a refresher course?

Become the best-in-class marketer you can be by taking one (or more!) of our free Direct Mail Marketing Master Class courses. These courses feature real-life success stories of brands using direct mail alongside digital channels to increase campaign performance and overall marketing ROI.

The best part? You can take these courses at your own pace.

In this blog, we’ll let you take a peek into the first three courses to see what they’re all about. Put on your thinking cap, and let’s learn about marketing!

Sneak peek: Omnichannel marketing course

In the battle for pipeline, it seems we like to pit online and offline marketing channels against each other. But, as we learned with group projects when we were kids, we have to work together to get a great result.

In the first lesson of our Master Class program, you’ll learn about actionable strategies and tactics for creating cohesive omnichannel experiences tailored to each step of the customer journey.

Take a look at this preview:

After your lesson, do the accompanying homework to put your new knowledge into action.

Master the skills from the Supercharge Your Omnichannel Campaigns with Intelligent Direct Mail course by:

  • Run your data: Compile your marketing data and analyze the results to understand what channels and campaigns are driving ROI.
  • Create an A/B testing plan: Test personalization variables, channels, content format, CTAs, etc. to understand what drives your customers to take action.
  • Optimize your workflows: Use your data and test results to inform changes to your automated marketing workflows to determine if an online or offline touchpoint will be more impactful.

Sneak peek: Direct mail testing and analytics course

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about direct mail analytics, testing, and optimization!

Already, 74% of marketers agree that automated direct mail delivers the best response rate of all their channels, but what if you could improve that number by feeling confident about your analysis of direct mail and attribution? This course covers modern direct mail analytics and testing criteria you can use to experiment with in your campaigns and then optimize them to drive better results.

Watch the preview:

After your lesson, do the accompanying homework to put your new knowledge into action.

Master the skills from the Analytics and Testing to Optimize Results and ROI course by:

  • Create an A/B test master list: Create one central reference document that lists out the variables available for testing, such as format, tone, personalization data, CTAs, timing, etc., and track the results of your efforts to better understand what drives results.
  • Form a specific hypothesis: Before you run your next A/B test, master the skill of forming a hypothesis so you can determine if your test was successful or not. A hypothesis should be verifiable by data, e.g. “postcards increase repeat orders more than self-mailers.”
  • List metrics: Choose the metrics you’ll track, such as conversions or revenue per piece, to gauge the success of your test.

Sneak peek: Personalization in marketing course

Did you know that 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a message/communication from brands that are personalized to them? Personalization matters in marketing! In this lesson, learn from other marketers how they personalize their marketing campaigns to increase response rates, drive conversions, and keep customers loyal.

View the clip from this course:

After your lesson, do the accompanying homework to put your new knowledge into action.

Master the skills from the Personalize Direct Mail Campaigns Like a Pro course by:

  • Optimize your lead forms: Clean up and standardize your lead generation forms on your site or third-party platforms to ensure you collect the right customer data to enable personalized, triggered marketing campaigns.
  • Identify customization variables: Map the customization variables you can use in your campaigns to further personalize messages, such as customer information, demographic information, images, personalized URLs, and so on.
  • Set up the right workflows: Create trigger-based marketing workflows that can pull in those customized variables, such as a personalized happy birthday message featuring that particular customer’s most-purchased products.

Head to our virtual classroom to continue your direct mail marketing education with our Lob Master Class series! From learning how to better acquire customers to retaining them and everything in between, we have a course for every marketer wanting to expand their knowledge.

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