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Your Summer School Reading List: A/B Testing in Direct Mail
Direct Mail
May 30, 2023

Your Summer School Reading List: A/B Testing in Direct Mail

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The school year might be done for the kids, but learning and testing is never done for us marketers.

We may not get grades on our marketing campaigns, but we know it’s important to consistently look for ways to improve our next iteration of them or refine currently running campaigns to drive better results for our businesses.

But, even the kiddos don’t always get the summer completely off! Some commit to summer reading lists to keep their skills sharp and be more prepared for fall classes.

Let’s take a page out of their books and create a reading list for running direct mail A/B tests so you can strengthen your skillset in this area, and be even better prepared for your next experiment.

Your direct mail A/B test reading list:


6 Strategies for A/B Testing Your Direct Mail

Read up on six actionable A/B tests that you can run with your next direct mail marketing campaign.

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Micro-Marketing Tactics to Combat Macroeconomic Conditions

Running the A/B test is half the battle. The other half is analyzing and understanding the results. Learn how to make time to analyze A/B test results to capitalize on the wins and make quick, data-driven decisions about your campaigns.

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The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Marketing

Learn about tests you can run as you adopt omnichannel marketing strategies that can benefit more channels than just direct mail.

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Case studies

How iExit drives 155% ROI with intelligent direct mail

Not only did iExit see immediate success by using direct mail to reach prospective customers, it also saw a 60% increase in conversions after experimenting with the direct mail format.

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Increased ROI is always in fashion: How thredUP increased ROI by 128% by A/B testing intelligent direct mail

Discover how thredUP implemented an A/B test in a reactivation direct mail campaign and not only found a winning direct mail formula to use again in the future, it also increased Average Order Value while at it.

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Prefer to watch and/or listen to continue your education with A/B testing for direct mail? These are the resources for you!


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Optimizing Direct Mail for Maximum Results

One of the fastest paths to optimization? Experimentation! Learn about key tests and experiments to run with your direct mail campaigns to drive actionable results.

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Lobcast Podcast episodes

Episode 3: Marketing Mail & Mulled Wine

Learn how to take the results from A/B tests in email marketing and apply those learnings to direct mail marketing campaigns.

Episode 5: Marketing Resolutions & Raspberry Mocktails

Hear from Lob’s own marketing team on what A/B tests are top-of-mind for improving campaign performance.

Episode 7: Slide Into a New DM: Direct Mail & Daiquiris

Just getting started with A/B testing in direct mail? Our expert in residence shares some tips to get your tests up and running and how to measure the results of those tests.

Episode 11: Spring Marketing Strategies & Strawberry Mimosas

Marketers should follow the idea of ABT: Always Be Testing. Whether it's specific channels or campaigns. Learn about springtime tests on this episode of the Lobcast Podcast.

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