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Drive better patient and provider outcomes with direct mail

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Intelligent direct mail delivers


agree direct mail has the best ROI of any channel 


have increased their direct mail budget over last year


use a software/technology platform for direct mail

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Send hyper-personalized, intelligent mail

Data is often sent to printers in a non-secure format leaving you prone to risk.

With Lob, you don’t need to worry about compliance and security. Our industry-leading security is built into every aspect of Lob.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA, and GDPR compliant
  • Signed webhooks with HMAC signatures
  • Integrated directly with data sources to protect customer data
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Help your patients find you

Slow, snail mail is a thing of the past.

Lob simplifies your direct mail workflow to send campaigns on your schedule - last minute, triggered based on events, or scheduled to deliver on a particular date.

Timely and accurate billing

Get paid faster with timely invoices and reminders pre-scheduled with Lob’s platform. Lob verifies addresses and reduces undelivered mail by over 98%.

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The Lob promise:
100% carbon neutral

We are here to help scale your business

Timely patient
billing statements

Streamline and secure direct mail workflows to trigger statements effortlessly

A/B testing

Test and measure ROI of direct mail campaigns with different messages, images and target audiences

Patient notifications

Automate and trigger direct mail to patient segments based on events and patient history

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educational mailers

From local to national campaigns, automated direct mail can be hyper-personalized to every patient and provider for maximum benefit

Direct mail automation resources for insurance providers


The 2023 State of Direct Mail

The 2023 State of Direct Mail report reveals how marketers use direct mail to drive growth, how they measure the impact, and how marketing budgets are changing.


How Smart Businesses Avoid the High Cost of Bad Address Data

Bad address data impacts every industry. Lob has determined what an average company will typically see for the amount of undeliverable address data.


Your Guide to Holiday Direct Mail: 7 Tips for Successful Campaigns

Direct mail offers marketers their strongest ROI, all year long. Read how you can create an attention grabbing holiday direct mail campaign.

Webinar: Automating Offline Communications to Increase Efficiency & Compliance