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Patient Education Self Mailer

Equip patients with critical info and support at each stage of their care journey to provide personalized care or employer benefits to improve their quality of life.

Mail Type

Folded Self Mailer

Use Case

Customer Communications

Additional Details

Customize the 4 panels of this 6x9 bifold self-mailer template with your branding and offer details.

Suggested Merge Variable List:

  • First name
  • Quote or images relevant to recipient’s demographics or segment
  • Unique URL
  • Unique phone number
  • QR Code
  • Call-to-action text
Get Started

API Documentation: Self Mailers

Design Templates:
6x18 Bifold:  Design PDF  
12x9 Bifold:  Design PDF

HTML Creatives:
6x18 Bifold: Inside | Outside
12x9 Bifold: Inside | Outside

HTML Creative with Merge Variables:
6x18 Bifold: Inside | Outside
12x9 Bifold: Inside | Outside

InDesign Artwork Files:
Download .Zip File