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Direct Mail for Better Communication & Compliance

Automated direct mail from Lob helps insurance companies service customers and streamline compliance with timely, authentic offline connections.

Direct Mail for Trusted, Compliant Communications

Effective offline communications that build trust and maintain compliance remain critical to an increasingly digital insurance industry.
  • Trust matters
    Less than 30% of consumers view insurers as trustworthy, a lower rating than banks and retailers.
  • Customers lean into offline engagements
    75% of consumers research policies online, but only 25% complete transactions.
  • Compliance costs are rising
    Regulatory compliance costs have increased 55% in the past decade, and will grow more with new data privacy initiatives.

Send High-Trust, Personalized, and Compliant Offline Communications

Lob automates direct mail production and tracking, allowing insurance companies to send trusted offline communications with the speed and flexibility of digital engagements. We verify address data globally and automatically capture digital proof-of-mailing to reduce compliance costs.
  • Integrate with your internal systems to trigger mail on demand and capture delivery events for auditable compliance records
  • Protect data privacy. Lob provides HIPAA & SOC-2 compliant mailing with full encryption across the production process
  • Verify and standardize address data to ensure that important communications reach their intended recipient

CPH Insurance Reduces Direct Mail Lead Time by 98%

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