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Financial Services

Digital Transformation for Direct Mail

Lob helps financial companies digitize offline communications for fast, flexible, and personalized interactions.

Direct Mail for Client Communications and Compliance

Billions are spent optimizing online experience, yet outdated, manual processes are still used for sending mail and managing addresses.
  • Mail isn’t going away
    60% of consumers prefer to receive physical account statements and bills.
  • Timely communications improves experience
    Only 36% of consumers say that their banks meet expectations when it comes to CX.
  • KYC compliance is costly
    20% of addresses entered online contain errors that cause customer verifications to fail.
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Automate Offline Communications & Eliminate Costly Manual Workflows

Lob fully automates direct mail production, allowing companies to increase the speed and relevance of customer communications at any scale. Additionally, Lob verifies address deliverability to reduce returned mail and customer verification costs.
  • Integrate mail with your internal systems to trigger communications based on customer behavior or milestones
  • Know precisely when mail is sent, and when customers receive it with automated tracking through webhook events
  • Verify and standardize address data at the point of entry to reduce bad data in the KYC process and ensure mail reaches your customers

Saylent Improves Customer Engagement for Banks & Credit Unions

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