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Lob logo guidelines

This simple guide shows how to use the Lob logo in conjunction with our trademark guidelines.

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How to use the Lob wordmark

The Lob wordmark is the primary identifier for our brand, we use this mark to consistently position ourselves 
confidently across various mediums, from digital to print. When placing the workmark, use the greatest contrast possible.

Lob logo
Black wordmark on white background
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How not to use the Lob wordmark

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Lob’s Trademark Guidelines

Lob’s Trademark Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) have been created to help our partners, licensees, and other authorized third parties (collectively, “You”) understand how to use Lob’s brand assets correctly, including Lob logos, trademarks, service marks, and any other word, name, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Lob’s products or services (“Lob Brand Assets”). You are permitted to use the Lob Brand Assets only in accordance with these Guidelines and the Lob Style Guide above. Any use of the Lob Brand Assets contrary to the Guidelines or Style Guide is prohibited. Lob reserves the right to revise or update the Guidelines and Style Guide at any time in its sole discretion.

The Lob Brand Assets are valuable Lob intellectual property. By using or making reference to any Lob Brand Asset, you agree to comply with the Guidelines and the Lob User Terms of Service. You also acknowledge that Lob is the sole owner of the Lob Brand Assets, agree not to challenge or interfere with Lob’s rights in its Brand Assets, and agree that all goodwill derived from use of the Lob Brand Assets inures only to the benefit of Lob. We may review use of our Brand Assets at any time, and we reserve the right to terminate or modify any permissions granted by Lob.

If you have a separate written agreement with Lob including, but not limited to, a partnership agreement, that agreement may include different or additional terms concerning the use of the Lob Brand Assets. If so, please follow the specific guidelines in your agreement as well as these Guidelines. To the extent these terms differ, the specific guidelines in your agreement will control.