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Retail & Ecommerce

Offline Engagement for Online Retention

Automated direct mail from Lob helps retailers thrive in an increasingly digital market landscape with timely, personalized physical marketing at home.

Direct Mail for Retail Retention

Engaging lifecycle campaigns and a differentiated customer experience are key to retaining customers in a cluttered digital retail marketplace.
  • Retention matters
    60% of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer revenue is driven by repeat purchases.
  • Shipping has an outsized experience impact
    70% of consumers are unlikely to purchase again after a delivery error.
  • Direct mail is a powerful retention channel
    60% of retail marketers see response rates of 5% or higher.

Drive Repeat Purchases and Reduce Shipping Errors

Lob eliminates the long lead times associated with traditional direct mail campaigns, allowing retailers to engage customers with precisely timed, highly personalized offline communications. We verify address deliverability across 240+ territories to ensure your shipments and mail reach customers the first time, every time.
  • Integrate with your automation and email tools to trigger direct mail based on customer activities or milestones
  • Customize featured products, messaging, and offers for each mailpiece—just like you would for email
  • Verify address data in your checkout flow to speed transactions and ensure accurate deliveries
Webinar: How Retailers Can Leverage Offline Marketing for Online Retention

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