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Powerful APIs built for scale

Lob’s Print & Mail APIs and Address Verification APIs allow you to easily integrate offline communications into your apps, internal systems, or marketing stack. Flexible scalability allows you to send 100 or 100 million mailpieces in minutes.

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Transform outdated,
manual processes with
Lob’s easy-to-integrate APIs

  • Integrate with RESTful APIs to streamline workflows for direct mail, address data, and identity verification at scale
  • Trigger postcards, self mailers, letters, and checks on demand directly from your CRM or custom applications
  • Leverage Lob's scalable on-demand Print Delivery Network to create and send mailpieces more efficiently
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Hyper-personalize content programmatically

  • Connect to sources of customer data including marketing automation platforms and CRMs to tailor messaging for each individual
  • Update dynamic content with HTML templates and merge variables
  • Include offer codes, unique URLs, or QR codes to track ROI

Get visibility in every step of the direct mail process

  • Track every mailpiece with powerful webhooks
  • Report on real-time and historic mail statuses for compliance audits

“We were amazed with how well written Lob Address Verification API is; the codes are super constrained and understandable. It only took 30 minutes for us to explain to our engineers how we wanted this to run, and they didn’t even have a single question.”

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Meet compliance requirements with smart webhooks

Our industry-leading security is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and is built into every aspect of Lob.

  • SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA, and GDPR compliant
  • Signed webhooks with HMAC signatures
  • Protect personal data with end-to-end encryption and scheduled deletion
  • Report on real-time and historic mail statuses for compliance audits

Modern SaaS technology

  • Modern SDKs in programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Elixir, TypeScript, and C#/.NET
  • Explore Lob APIs with REST clients (Postman and Insomnia)
  • UI libraries and components in JavaScript frameworks like React & Vue
  • Integrate through low-code, no-code solutions like Zapier and Make, or popular marketing & workflow automation tools like Salesforce, Braze, Iterable, and Hubspot

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