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From Security to Parsing, Read What's New @ Lob
October 8, 2019

From Security to Parsing, Read What's New @ Lob

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Lauren Ritchie

This past quarter, we’ve been busy pushing the envelope on how to modernize intelligent direct mail, and want to share what we’ve been working on. Expect updates every quarter that highlight product updates for both our address verification and print & mail solutions, and detail how they’ll impact you.

Increasing Our Security Compliance
As the speed of business accelerates, so does the rate of security threats. Partnering with solutions that have security certifications can make it easier for you to evaluate if their data security standards are strong enough for your organization’s needs.

SOC2 is designed to measure how service providers store customer data in the cloud. This certification is accredited after a technical audit, which evaluates a company’s information security policies and procedures. Lob is proud to announce that we are now SOC2 compliant, and have made our security reports publicly available on our security page.

Enabling Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On makes logging into your account faster and more convenient. By enabling this feature, you’ll never need to enter your password or answer a captcha ever again!

Postcard Mailed Event
With Lob you can automate manual tasks associated with tracking direct mail by subscribing to webhooks. Subscribing to webhooks means you’ll get notifications whenever specific mail events occur, and can capture data on your direct mail communications. We’ve seen customers use webhooks to automatically maintain their audit logs, enhance their omnichannel presence, and help measure campaign attribution, but these notifications are highly modifiable and can be tailored to match your business needs.

Our newest webhook event gets triggered whenever a postcard is picked up by USPS. By subscribing to this event, you’ll get postmarked timestamps that can be used to give you greater visibility into Lob’s SLA performance and create audit logs. Learn more about tracked events.

Plaid Integration for Invoice Payments
Now setting up your bank account for Lob payments is as simple as logging in. Our integration with Plaid allows you to instantly connect your bank account and provides increased flexibility on how you can pay invoices.

Single Line Address Parser
Data comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to addresses, inconsistencies in how they are collected and formatted can negatively impact the integrity of your customer databases. We’ve implemented machine learning techniques to improve our Address Verification API, enabling it to accurately verify a broader range of address formats contained in a single field; making it easier to cleanse and enrich any entry in your address book.

Some features from this quarter’s launch are available only to customers on an enterprise subscription plan. If you are interested in upgrading your account to access these features, reach out to our sales team.

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