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September 6, 2017

Shop.org 2017 Pre-event Briefing

Joe Singh

We’re very excited to be exhibitors at booth 2138 at Shop.org! To help you navigate this massive conference, we’ve collected a few helpful links for you. These are five retail trends, discussions, and other resources you need to read before attending.

Before diving into prep, make sure you’ve circled the key panels you want to attend! The agenda is chock full of panels and presentations to familiarize attendees with the bleeding edge of digital retail.

Once you set your schedule, check out these five resources to get you primed to ask the right questions and maximize your time at Shop.org 2017.

1. Unified commerce: trend or buzzword?

A key takeaway from last year’s Shop.org digital retail summit was the importance of seamless shopping experiences. Buzzwords like ecommerce, commerce anywhere, and unified commerce all hint at the same thing. As customers grow less tolerant of gaps and mistakes in execution, it’s clear that, whatever you call it, the future of retail is what HSNi CEO Mindy Grossman calls “boundaryless”.

2. Bridging the Online-Offline Gap

Another hot buzzword that shows no signs of fading is ‘omnichannel’. Online behaviors center around emails, websites, and social media. Offline behaviors center around the phone, physical stores, and direct mail. Omnichannel strategies bridge both and unlock 89% customer retention. In 2017, doing one thing well is no longer an option. Bridge the gap and your competitors won’t stand a chance.

3. Speaking of Direct Mail...

The best way to reach customers offline is via their mailboxes. When executing mail campaigns at scale, you need to be sure the vendor you’ve chosen is the right fit. We’ve shared the framework we use to evaluate print partners at Lob. Give it a read and head into Shop.org as an expert on the most low-noise, high-signal channel available to reach your customers.

4. Can We Get You a Drink?

Calling all innovators: we want to learn from you! RSVP for Lob’s Happy Hour at Shop.org. Tell us what surprised you, what you’ll be implementing in your own workflows, and where you think the future of commerce really lies.

5. Almost as Good as Being There

Missed Shop.org last year and wondering what to expect? We don’t have a time machine, but hopefully these pictures will provide a clearer idea.