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Send Postcards to Kickstarter Backers With Lob
April 22, 2014

Send Postcards to Kickstarter Backers With Lob

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Harry Zhang

One of the most common pains points in Kickstarter campaigns is following up and fulfilling the different reward tiers. Kickstarter is an amazing platform to fund creative projects, but doesn’t help you send out thank you rewards to Kickstarter backers. We wanted to share how Joël Franusic and Mike Rooney used Lob to solve their pesky postcard problem.

After completing their successful Kickstarter campaign, they realized it would take too long to print and address their commemorative postcards. Each postcard needed to be individually addressed and it seemed too cumbersome to deal with writing it by hand. In addition, it was important that the addresses were valid and deliverable. They already had the artwork ready to go but needed a solution for address verification and sending the postcards. They ended up using Lob’s Simple Postcard Service and Address Verification service.

Rewarding Kickstarter Backers

Using the lob-python wrapper, they were easily able to create code that would take their CSV export from Kickstarter campaigns, verify addresses, and send out postcards to all their backers. What would have taken them hours was handled in a few minutes, and each of their backers got a postcard!

Joel and Mike were kind enough to share the project on Github so other Kickstarter campaigns could utilize their script. They also put together a great post and tutorial using their script. All you need to do is sign up for a free account with Lob and use their script to send out postcards to your campaign backers too!

This integration and use of Lob is a great example of how you can leverage printing and mailing services to connect directly with your customers. Whether you want to use Lob to automate sending holiday cards to your key customers or custom direct mail offers to promote new campaigns or sales, Simple Postcard Service can make the process easier. Sending physical cards or letters is a great way to stand out to key customer or clients.

We love it when we see our customers utilize Lob to simplify time-consuming processes. Creative use cases like this Kickstarter integration are really cool to see! What other creative ways have you guys thought about or used Lob?

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