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Scheduled Mailings & More API Features!
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September 26, 2016

Scheduled Mailings & More API Features!

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Ami Wang

Here at Lob, we're always pushing to improve our API offerings. Today, we're announcing another set of exciting new features around scheduled mailings!

Scheduling Mailings for a Future Date

Growth & Enterprise customers can now schedule postcards, letters, and checks up to 90 days in the future! This feature is perfect for drip campaigns. Now, you can schedule a postcard to a customer for now, 15 days out, 30 days out, and 60 days out through the Print & Mail API. If the customer takes action on the second mailing, you can programmatically cancel the previously-scheduled third and fourth mailings at no additional cost.

Our Growth and Enterprise customers can contact their Account Manager for detailed information on this feature.

Test and Live Mode Rate Limit Parity

We now have complete parity between the rate limits in our test and live environments! Consequently, a full production-load test can be done in test mode before switching over to production. Read more on those rate limits here.

Response Object Documentation

Scheduled Mailings & More API Features! image 2

We've added full response object information to our documentation, which gives you detailed information about what to expect from every API resource (check out a postcard object or a tracking event object)! As a result, customers have more detailed information for integrating with our endpoints.


As always, feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions. Happy integrating!

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