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Product Updates You Need from ID to QR
Product Releases
August 16, 2022

Product Updates You Need from ID to QR

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Stephanie Donelson

We may be leaders in the direct mail automation space but that doesn’t mean that product updates just happen automatically. The developers at Lob have been hard at work this summer to roll out product updates and release new features so that our solution expertly handles the marketing campaigns you need to launch.

We wanted to take some time to highlight these recent updates, like our dashboard campaigns feature, Identity Validation, and QR codes, and share how these rollouts improve our automated direct mail platform, as well as give a sneak peek at what our developers are working on next at Lob!

Send a campaign in minutes from the Lob dashboard

Sending direct mail campaigns is as easy as sending an email thanks to new functionality that enables you to plan and send a direct mail campaign in minutes from the Lob dashboard.

While we love our automated, API-based workflow, we know there are often campaigns that need an additional customer touchpoint and have to get out the door quickly. That’s why the Lob platform has four simple steps to send campaigns through the dashboard—all you need to get started is a CSV list of your recipients and your creative. Your direct mailpiece can be personalized based on the attributes in your CSV list to make your campaign resonate and perform better.

Campaigns in action

See how easy it is to build your direct mailpiece in Lob:

Interested in adding direct mail to your next marketing campaign? Learn more about Lob for Marketers.

Reduce fraud with Identity Validation

The next product update we want to talk about is Identity Validation. This is a big win for marketers or direct mail operators who need to validate whether a given name is associated with an address. Especially useful in the financial services industry, this feature can help eliminate fraud and ensure your mail reaches the right person at the right mailbox.

We also have a few clients in the travel industry who are thrilled with this rollout to eliminate fake listings on vacation rental sites by verifying that the property owner is tied to that property.

Recommended reading: See how Booking.com reduced fraudulent property listings by up to 97% with Lob!

Curious about Identity Validation? Learn more about the feature in our API documentation.

Improve conversions with Lob QR codes

We’re excited to announce that we’re in a beta to enable customers to insert QR codes on letters. QR (short for Quick Response) codes and have become a part of our daily lives and are a great way to measure and attribute your direct mail campaigns. QR codes work because they are convenient and quickly connect the recipient to a specific piece of content.

We are accepting new beta users, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in adding QR codes to your next letter-based campaign.

Future product releases

Like any good marketing platform, our work is not done. We have heaps of great features on our product roadmap. For the back half of 2022, we’re busy preparing to launch more form factors, including buck slips and custom envelopes, as well as testing our capabilities with variable connectors that allow you to easily configure personalization variables to turn your static creative developed in programs like the Adobe suite into dynamic assets within Lob.

If you’re a current Lob customer, connect with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about beta testing opportunities, and if you’re not a current customer but interested in how Lob can help you send intelligent mail, please get in touch and schedule a personalized demo with a Lob expert.

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