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Product Update: Introducing Audit Logs
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July 17, 2020

Product Update: Introducing Audit Logs

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Lucas Wang

Companies are finding themselves subject to stricter online data security regulatory guidelines with each passing year. Current standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR or laws and regulations that differ on a state-by-state basis, all restrict what data can be made available to business users to ensure data privacy. Outside of data privacy, financial and insurance regulations can further require specific access audits to ensure that only approved users have access to restricted data like account information and transactions.

While Lob’s dashboard currently offers role assignments that restrict information access, user roles can be changed over time. This complicates specific audits, where firms need to demonstrate what information users have access to and when their permissions have changed. As you grow your business on Lob and add more team members, the complexity of managing your account grows. Lob's Dashboard is the control hub for your account where users can invite others, change subscriptions, and view resource data. Monitoring the activity in your Dashboard is essential for catching malicious behavior and securing vulnerable user data.

That's why we've built an Audit Logging system for Dashboard's settings.

Product Update: Introducing Audit Logs image 2

With 29 distinct actions being automatically recorded in our system, enterprise account administrators now have granular insights into user actions in the Dashboard settings. Customers can now:

  • Perform access recertification audits
  • Understand user roles, access permissions, and changes over time
  • See all actions from their dashboard, which are recorded and retained for 6 months (password reset, API key changed, new team member granted access, etc)

To access the Audit Logs, head over to your account settings and click on the Logs tab. There you'll find all logged actions since June 12, 2020 until they’re removed as a part of our 6 month retention policy. A complete list of all available recorded actions can be found in our audit logs guide.

If you are currently on our Developer, Startup, or Growth editions and do not see this feature in your dashboard settings, connect with our Sales team if you are interested in upgrading your account to enable this Enterprise edition feature.

Happy logging!

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