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Lowering Postcard Pricing
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July 3, 2014

Lowering Postcard Pricing

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Dan Zhao

We have reduced on-demand pricing about 25% on our Simple Postcard Service. From today onward, our postcard pricing has dipped from $0.94 per card to $0.70 per card (domestic rate). It will now be that much more affordable for our users to send their first few postcards as they integrate and test our API.

We are also introducing the ability to use our standardized template with postcards. You can find the template for postcards here. By using this template, we will place the recipient address directly onto your postcard. You can still customize the back of the postcard in the way you see fit. You can read more about the template parameter in our documentation. This also ensures you get the best price and postage discounts.

Postcards are one of our most widely adopted API products. The versatile ways in which our customers have built postcards into their business continue to thoroughly impress us. The feedback on this product has been abundantly positive, with many of our customers leveraging this API to acquire more customers and sell more product.

As has always been our philosophy, we'd like to celebrate this success by passing more savings to our users and making our API even more accessible. We are constantly monitoring scale and pricing at Lob with the goal of reducing pricing for everyone when possible.

Keep in mind that this reduction applies to the on-demand price of our Simple Postcard Service, which offers flexibility for customers that only need to send a few postcards before they ramp up. If you are sending a large number of postcards, we offer Reserved Pricing which will save you even more money on your API usage with Lob.

Simple Postcard Service Reservation Options

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Lob Reserved Pricing


Reserved pricing gives you the option to make a low, one-time payment to reserve a certain amount of API requests for a window of time. In turn, you receive a significant discount on each API request that you make during the life of that reservation. Reserved pricing is ideal for customers that have a good sense of their volume projections over a period of time. For customers that have been making requests on-demand, the Monthly options are perfect once they are able to gauge demand accurately for the short-term.

Customers have the option to renew these monthly reservations, once the reservation runs out or expires. For customers with a good sense of monthly recurring volumes, the Annual options allow them to leverage their demand predictability into even more savings with Lob on all API requests. By purchasing an Annual reservation, you can lock in a bigger discount for a longer period of time.


Lob's reservation tiers preserve 100% of the flexibility of the on-demand model throughout the life of the reservation. API requests can be made as frequently or infrequently as you like in order sizes as big or small as you'd like all while allowing for entirely variable artwork.

Scale with your Business

Lob provides multiple reservation tiers so that customers can lock in bigger discounts as their business scales. As your business grows with Lob, we will work with you to make sure your API usage scales in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Easy and Reliable

Reserved pricing is easy to use and require no change to how you use Lob's API. When computing your bill, our system will automatically apply Reserved rates first to minimize your costs. The only way you'll be charged the On-Demand rate is if your total quantity of requests exceeds the number of reserved requests you own.

Please reach out to us at sales@lob.com anytime. We'll get you set up with a reservation.

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