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September 27, 2016

Cardpop + Lob: Design and Mail Fun Postcards

Shrav Mehta

Apple featured Cardpop, a Snapchat for postcards, the day it debuted for iPhone. It lets anyone design and mail fun postcards worldwide. You can even add text and stickers to make your postcards really “pop”.

Postcards From Your Phone

Cardpop is a fun and memorable way to share a moment with friends and family. Traditionally, sending a postcard involves buying one off the shelf, writing out a message, paying for postage, and mailing it off at a post office. Cardpop lets you use your own photos, add a message and location info, and finalize it all from your phone in less than a minute for $1.99 (Use code lobisgreat for $0.99 cards in the US)! Cardpop will then print and mail it anywhere around the world where there’s a functional postal system. People have sent Cardpops for everything from traveling and nights out to birthdays and practical jokes.

Postcards are designed in the Cardpop app around Lob’s postcard template, and purchased cards are sent to Lob for print queuing and mailing through the Lob API. The team at Cardpop chose Lob as a partner due to flexible pricing, print quality, and API stability and documentation.

Cardpops are a unique, modern take on a communication method that’s been around for over 175 years! You can try it out for yourself by downloading it from the App store. Don’t forget to the use code lobisgreat for $.99 cards in the US.