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Building Excellence in Customer Experience
June 24, 2020

Building Excellence in Customer Experience

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Emma Auscher

At Lob, we pride ourselves on being a customer-first organization. We’ve helped thousands of SMBs grow their business by simplifying their offline customer communications and eliminate the burden of managing mailrooms and mail deliveries as they continue to scale. While the coronavirus pandemic is shaping a new way to work and live, print and mail continues to be a key communication channel for all industries. Customer success remains our top mission.

Starting July 1st, Lob is excited to announce changes to create more seamless servicing to elevate the overall customer experience:

  • New Customer Service Model that’s tailored to every plan
  • Proactive onboarding/training resources available for new customers
  • Graduated offerings that match mail volume and customer support needs
  • Future updates to dashboard and new notifications for a smoother customer journey

With the start of the new quarter, we hope these changes will provide greater flexibility and help simplify our customer’s print and mail operations in a way that best benefits their business.

Investing in smarter customer servicing and improving satisfaction

One of our major initiatives starting this year was to take a deeper look at the customer journey to identify "moments of truth" that can provide opportunities to improve our customer ROI. This was a multi-month initiative that involved digging through usage data analytics, combing through support tickets, reviewing feature requests and talking to you, our customers, to understand how you are interacting with our product. We used this data to set the baseline for our CX metrics (such as NPS or CSAT scores) so that we can measure and continuously improve. Thanks to you, we’ve also identified multiple opportunities to improve product design and user experience.

Looking to the future

We are committed to iterate continuously to improve our customer servicing and deliver satisfaction in a thoughtful and transparent manner. No matter which plan you select, we’re focused on serving our customers and proactively addressing your needs so you can continue to do what you do best: grow your business.

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