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2023 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights

July 19, 2023
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Lob and Comperemedia partnered yet again to bring you the 2023 State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights which provides an invaluable understanding of consumers’ usage, preferences, and engagement with direct mail. 

Catch up on the on-demand webinar as we reveal never-before-shared insights that empower businesses, like yours, with the latest, actionable data and tools you need to shape and enhance your direct mail strategy.

The findings shared in this webinar have the potential to drive increased response, conversions, and ROI, making the data imperative for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in the direct mail market.

A sneak peek at the insights:

  • 64% of consumers say direct mail has inspired them to take action proving that direct mail is a crucial element in your marketing strategy to drive sales
  • 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand's message when it's personalized to them
  • 80% of consumers share direct mail with their friends and family making it more viral than you may think

Download the full 2023 State of Direct Mail: Consumer Insights report here!

Meet the Hosts

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Paul Bobnak, Direct Mail Evangelist

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Meaghan Hinchey, Manager, Custom Research, Mintel Consulting

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Kim Courvoisier. Sr. Director of Content, Lob

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