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Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Direct Mail

Modernize direct mail with AI & automation. Get our guide to drive remarkable results with Lob's expertise.
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In this guide, we’ll explore the rise of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, its significance, and the specific benefits it brings to direct mail campaigns. By leveraging automation and AI, you can quickly generate content, enhance personalization, improve targeting and testing, automate processes, improve efficiency, and gain real-time analytics for optimizing campaign performance.

The guide was proudly created by humans and AI working together

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI): A primer

AI and its significance in marketing

In marketing, AI enables advanced data analysis, pattern recognition, and decision-making capabilities. It empowers marketers to leverage vast data to generate actionable insights and drive more effective strategies. It can also help marketers be more efficient by assisting with many tasks involved with marketing campaign execution, from content generation and personalization to audience targeting, testing, and optimization. 

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AI's role in transforming direct mail campaigns

By incorporating AI into direct mail campaigns, you can increase efficiency by generating multiple versions of copy, images, and calls to action to use and test. You can also enhance the relevance and impact of your messages with increased abilities to personalize and customize elements of your campaign. AI algorithms can analyze customer data, preferences, and behaviors to generate personalized content, identify target audience segments, automate campaign processes, and optimize performance through real-time analytics.

Benefits of automation and AI for direct mail

As we say at Lob, you can’t spell mail without AI, and the benefits will make you wonder how you ever created direct mail without it. 

Streamline campaign processes with automation

Automating various aspects of direct mail campaigns saves you time and effort. Imagine being able to create a direct mail campaign as quickly as you create an email campaign. Direct mail automation and AI abilities can include content generation, campaign creation, defining your audience and segments, printing, fulfillment, sending, tracking, and performance evaluation. Additionally, AI can help maximize ROI by ensuring the optimal audience, creative, form factor, colors, and copy are used.

As a first phase, imagine interacting with a chatbot and asking for help or recommendations. It’s like having a virtual direct mail assistant. The automation and AI capabilities offered by direct mail platforms will continue to grow and evolve to meet increasing demand.

By reducing manual tasks, automation and AI enable you to focus on strategy, creativity, and campaign optimization.

Automated direct mail campaign creation from Lob

We automated everything—from ensuring members were providing deliverable addresses to programmatically sending direct mail pieces on demand. - Denise Remhof, Product Manager, Couchsurfing

Identify the right audience segments

AI-powered audience insights allow you to identify specific target audience segments accurately. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, you can uncover patterns, behaviors, and characteristics that define your most valuable customers and entirely new customers that match your target demographic and maximize your direct mail ROI. This knowledge empowers you to create more targeted and relevant direct mail campaigns that generate higher conversion rates.

Direct mail audience targeting from Lob
Our goal is to ensure that we’re reaching the right people with the right message at the right time, and intelligent direct mail does just that. - Senior Marketing Manager, Healthcare company

Create mail that converts

Creating direct mail that converts can be challenging, even for a seasoned direct mail pro. Lob allows you to be more efficient with your mail pieces by sending fewer mail pieces in more targeted campaigns that reach and convert segments of your audience, resulting in higher conversion rates and ROI

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Personalize messages at scale 

AI and automation enable you to personalize direct mail messages at scale. Soon, you will be able to analyze customer data and employ machine-learning algorithms to craft customized content that resonates with individual recipients. You could also get real-time recommendations, such as optimizing the image-to-word ratio so your mail pieces have a good balance of copy and images, making them more likely to get a better response rate.

Personalized direct mail has been proven to increase response rates, customer engagement, and overall campaign effectiveness. 55% of consumers expect mail pieces to be personalized to them, and 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with a personalized direct mail piece. 

Direct mail personalization from Lob

Automation platforms further enable you to use advanced personalization tactics, including 1:1 QR codes, barcodes, and maps, personalizing far beyond the Dear {First Name} options offered by many printers and more basic direct mail platforms. 

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Quickly generate copy that resonates 

You can use AI to help create copy options and variations for direct mail pieces and test which copy results in the best response, conversion, and ROI. Being able to do this efficiently and at scale enables you to go beyond A/B split tests to conduct full-fledged multivariate tests and analyses. The benefit is you learn what works and what doesn’t much more quickly than standard A/B split testing. 

Reduce waste and maximize each touchpoint

Automation and AI platforms like Lob have expansive print delivery networks and apply modern technology to streamline operations so that you can execute direct mail at any scale or frequency. Lob uses address verification technology before you send your campaigns to ensure that your addresses are deliverable and everything you send arrives at the right place, at the right time—every time. This reduces waste and maximizes the ROI of every campaign dollar. 

Lob's Print Delivery Network

Measure and optimize campaign performance

Automation and AI tools provide real-time analytics to help you track, analyze, and optimize direct mail campaign performance. These tools enable you to measure and manage direct mail with integrated, enterprise-strength analytics. Integrations with popular marketing automation tools allow easier attribution methods. You can seamlessly track conversions through personalized URLs and QR codes, and you can see where in the mail stream each of your mail pieces at any point and time.

Direct mail analytics from Lob

You can monitor delivery, response rates, conversions, and other key metrics and make data-driven decisions to improve future campaigns and maximize ROI.

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Automation and AI offer significant benefits and practical applications for direct mail marketers. By leveraging automation and AI, you can enhance personalization, improve targeting, make processes more efficient, and gain real-time analytics for optimizing campaign performance. Integrating automation and AI in direct mail campaigns provides a competitive advantage in today's marketing landscape, allowing you to quickly and efficiently deliver more relevant and impactful messages to your customers that drive bottom-line ROI impact. 

Lob's platform automates the direct mail execution process for enterprises at any scale - from creation, printing, postage, delivery, and sustainability with end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution. 

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