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Product Update: US Address Autocomplete API, Publishable Keys, and More
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May 7, 2018

Product Update: US Address Autocomplete API, Publishable Keys, and More

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We're back with a big spring update to our US address verification API:

  1. US address autocomplete API - Let your customers enter addresses faster and with less effort. A Google Maps like autocomplete experience now out of beta and included with any paid AV subscription. See US autocomplete documentation for details.
  2. Publishable keys - We've added a concept of publishable keys that are separate from secret keys and can be embedded in client code. See API keys documentation for details.
  3. Single string US address verification - Data vendors can send addresses as a single string, and now you can send that to us via the address parameter and we'll match it the same way we do when it's split into components (primary_line, city, etc). See Verify a US address documentation for details.
  4. Intelligent zip code handling - We verify more of your addresses as deliverable. Our team noticed that many zip codes were missing leading 0s (e.g. 2268) or had mistyped digits (e.g. 941077). We're now able to infer what the customer meant and correct it.
  5. Faster response time - Verify twice as many addresses per second. We've decreased our average and 95th percentile response time by over 50%.

We hope you enjoy these updates and would love to hear your feedback at support@lob.com!


The Address Verification Team

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