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From Enhanced Data to Batched Verifications, Read What's New @ Lob
January 28, 2020

From Enhanced Data to Batched Verifications, Read What's New @ Lob

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Lauren Ritchie

This past quarter, we’ve been busy pushing the envelope on how to modernize intelligent direct mail, and want to share what we’ve been working on. See our product updates for both our address verification and print & mail solutions, and how these improvements will come to impact you.

Testing International Address Verification

Lob’s Address Verification API returns metadata that can be used to enhance the insights gained on your address book. Organizations large and small can use this information to do things like streamline delivery operations, personalize and improve the customer experience, and reduce operating costs. However, maximizing these benefits often requires a lot of testing , as different countries return data in different formats and depth.

By enabling international verifications in the test environment, you can now discover the best way to set up your international verifications. Test your international address integration.

Enhancing Address Metadata

Natural disasters, construction, overflowing mailboxes—just to name a few. These events can occur and prevent verified addresses from receiving mail.

By expanding the returned metadata Lob provides to include if a delivery point validation is active, we’re enabling organizations to create more agile and nimble workflows that reduce false positives, and save money on delivery operations. Learn more about deliverability.

Batching Address Verifications

We’ve expanded our Address Verification API abilities to accommodate batch verifications. This allows you to cleanse lists collected outside of your integration, and to run more thorough testing. Cleanse a CSV file from within your dashboard.

Improving Custom Envelopes

We’ve reduced the order minimum on custom envelopes from 25,000 to 10,000 to better support use cases with limited usage needs or campaign volumes. Additionally, we’ve reduced the expiration date to ensure that your custom envelopes maintain their quality from printing to storage and delivery. Learn more about custom envelopes.

Some features from this quarter’s launch are available only to customers on an enterprise subscription plan. If you are interested in upgrading your account to access these features, reach out to our sales team.

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