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Introducing The Lob Confidence Score
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November 18, 2020

Introducing The Lob Confidence Score

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Lucy Taliaferro

The Lob Confidence Score applies extensive direct mail tracking data to bolster its industry-leading address verification product.

Lob’s product offering encompasses both Print & Mail and Address Verification APIs, through these Lob sends millions of pieces of direct mail and processes billions of addresses each year. And as the Address Verification API continues to advance and more mail pieces are processed, a symbiotic relationship between these two products has become more apparent… So what would happen if the two forces/ disciplines combined?

Our team had a hypothesis that by applying data from our direct mail tracking to address verification we would be able to more accurately determine deliverability. To validate this idea, we processed nearly a billion USPS tracking events from Lob mail pieces to nearly 60M US addresses resulting in a confidence score that predicts the likelihood of delivery. New tracking events are processed in real time through our tracking event pipeline to give the most accurate Confidence Scores as mail pieces continue to be delivered successfully or returned.

You can now access this mail analytics data in your API responses to more confidently assess addresses. Leverage The Lob Confidence Score to:

  • Round out your risk models in a KYC process
  • Maximize direct mail audiences without incurring wasted costs on undeliverable mail
  • Reduce end customer frustration and drop off resulting from addresses being incorrectly marked as undeliverable

The introduction of The Lob Confidence Score establishes Lob’s Address Verification API as the most comprehensive deliverability data available in the market.

Improve your postal address data by creating your free Lob account today!

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