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Introducing Folded Self Mailers
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May 7, 2021

Introducing Folded Self Mailers

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Aya Maeda

One reason direct mail gets such good ROI is because it can match the form factor to the message. Sending a postcard, for example, shows consumers they’re getting something lightweight and positive, such as a special offer, birthday card or appointment reminder. Combined with eye-catching imagery and snappy prose, the form factor makes it easy to get their attention.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way our users can match a great message with a great form factor: Folded Self Mailers! Combined with our existing form factors — Letters, Postcards, and Checks — our users now have more ways than ever to meet leads and customers at the mailbox. Users with the Enterprise Edition should now see the Self Mailers option in the left-hand navigation bar under the Print and Mail section in their newly redesigned Lob Dashboard.

What is a Self Mailer?

A self-mailer is a folded mailpiece sent without an envelope (although the term “self-mailer” technically applies to postcards and any other envelope-free mailers.) These mailpieces are shaped like brochures which are closed on either the side or the top with adhesives. Today, we are launching two different sizes for self mailers: 6x18” bifold (horizontal fold) and 9x12” bifold (vertical fold).

Introducing Folded Self Mailers image 2
Bifold self-mailer fold chart

Although self-mailers are about the size of a postcard when folded, they allow you to share much more content with users. They also give you a lot of power to tell a story by structuring how the recipient reads the content. You can catch the recipient’s eye with bold images and enticing promotions on the outside, then develop your message inside once you grab their attention.

This eye-catching form factor has a lot of applications to drive conversions, boost ROI, upsell customers, promote products and offers, educate customers, and more. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Share a problem your customers face on the front of the mailer. Then, explain the solution with the internal content.
  • Promote a sale or special offer, sharing discounts on products that are relevant to the customer inside.
  • Put a picture and catchy description of a new product on the outside, then break down its benefits inside the mailer.
  • Tease a special free offer on the front of the self-mailer. Build anticipation by requiring the customer to open it to view the details.

How do I get started?

Ready to wow your customers with self mailers? Check out our API documentation, design guide, or sample creatives on how to submit self-mailer requests, and get started today!

As always, please reach out to us with any comments, questions, or feedback you may have. We love hearing from you and are always improving our offerings based on your thoughts!

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