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International Address Verification Enhancements
Product Releases
July 28, 2021

International Address Verification Enhancements

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Lucy Taliaferro

Lob has made a number of enhancements to the International Address Verification offering, including development progress of a new API endpoint for International Autocomplete that will be released in the coming months! The updated API suite provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their international customer experiences and make more informed decisions about their international address data.

Configurable Transliteration provides Address Verification customers greater flexibility and customization when operating around the world. Lob ensures that addresses are correct and deliverable while providing optionality for the address response to be in the native language. This means a customer is able to provide cart checkout messaging that adapts based on where the end customer is located thus creating a more personalized experience. It also means that when working with foreign languages with non-Latin characters the data is seamlessly transliterated and mapped for normalized data storage.

Capturing address data in the preferred language improves end-customer experience, enables standardization, and improves reporting capabilities. To customize your language response, review the complete documentation here under x-lang-output.

Lob’s International Deliverability Insights provide greater visibility into an address’s delivery response so customers can make more informed decisions about how they manage international address data. Customers are able to understand when a portion of the address has been corrected and if it has resolved the deliverability issues. To leverage this data review the complete documentation here under Status.

Country Coverage equips Lob customers with the details needed to make an informed decision about a deliverable address and the potential for false positives. The International Address Verification API provides validation to varying degrees of granularity depending on the country the address is in. Country Coverage indicates the level to which an address has been verified to. To leverage this information review the documentation here under Coverage.

Lob is continuing to invest heavily in advancing the Address Verification product suite and leading the industry in accuracy. For feature requests or to talk to a team member please reach out.

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