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Product Releases
October 21, 2016

Product Update: Dashboard User Roles

Manage Permissions on your Account with User Roles

Managing your programmatic direct mail takes more than just one brain, which is why our customers love that they can have multiple users sharing one Lob account. Ever since we launched that feature, it's been highly requested to give control over what permissions different users have. That's why we're excited today to announce the deployment of User Roles!

There are three permission levels: Administrator, Read & Write, and Read Only. In your Account Settings Team Tab, you'll be able to invite new users under one of these three roles as well as edit roles of existing users. For example, add your AP team to take care of invoicing without letting them see your API Keys, or add developers without letting them access payment information.


We hope this feature helps your team make the most out of the Lob platform. Feel free to contact us directly to let us know what you think or ask any follow up questions. Happy integrating!

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