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Product Update: Introducing Custom Envelopes
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October 10, 2019

Product Update: Introducing Custom Envelopes

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Lauren Ritchie

When a person opens their mailbox the first thing they often see is a collection of envelopes, postcards, and catalogs. Postcards and catalogs convey their importance through imagery, however letters are often delivered in plain, indistinguishable envelopes. This represents a huge missed opportunity on the part of the business sending the letter. Grab your audience’s attention, by using custom envelopes that make your mailpiece stand out from the rest.

Lob is excited to announce that, after receiving positive feedback at the end of our private beta program, all of our enterprise customers can use custom envelopes when sending letters through our platform. Lob’s new envelope customization feature allows you to create and upload multiple envelope designs and automate its ordering, allowing you to utilize unique envelopes that better leverage your branding and reiterate your message’s importance through additional personalization.

Use custom design touches on your envelopes to expand your branding capabilities, increase your brand awareness, leverage your digital trust in offline communications, and increase response rates with your target audience that will improve your ROI.

To learn more about custom envelopes, check out our design guide and resource documentation. Create and order custom envelopes from your Lob dashboard today!

Connect with our Sales team if you are interested in upgrading your account to enable this feature.

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